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There is a common misconception that floats around in the event planning industry. Many people think that event planning is confusing or stressful, but planning a successful event doesn’t have to leave you burnt out. But that’s because they don’t know how to work with an event consultant. Event planning can be simplified because that is what Event Consultants are here for! The right event expert will bring your event vision to life and help you maximize your ROI. 

Hiring an event consultant is easy, so congratulations if you have made the right choice and hired an Event Consultant! 

Pssst, you are on track toward producing an award-winning event yourself. 

But wait a minute…

What’s The Process of Event Consulting?

At Sharon Bonner Consulting, we understand your event needs. Therefore, we support and simplify the process of event production. We like to leave you educated and confident about your event planning project. This is why we decided to bring you this exclusive and ultimate guide on how to work with an Event Consultant. This guide will provide the step-by-step process to work with an event advisor at Sharon Bonner Consulting.

The Steps Toward Producing a Successful Event With an Event Consultant

Step 1: Visit our website and fill out our “Quote Request Form.” After we receive your inquiry, you will be invited to book a complimentary meeting.

Step 2: Book a Consultation to discuss your event. Sharon will invite you to your personal event meeting, where you will discuss your event project scope and critical path. 

Step 3: You will receive our Event Project Questionnaire before the meetingThis will help us to prepare for the meeting and come equipped with the best actionable items to create a successful event.

Are You Ready To Meet Your Event Consultant?

Step 4: Get a FREE 30-minute consultation via Zoom or telephone. During the meeting, you will discuss your event scope and assess the best consultation package for your needs.

Step 5: You get to choose the BEST Package for you! (Fit your event consultant package to your goals, needs and budget)

Step 6: We send you the “Scope of Work.” This document will provide a clear breakdown of the project components and deliverables. Basically, we give you the blueprint for your successful event!

Step 7: Your private Client Portal Guide is active, and you can receive customized documents. 

Step 8: Next, we send you a customized consulting Quote to review and approve.

Step 9:  We forward your personalized Event Documents (floorplans, budget, agenda, menu, production schedule, etc.)

Bonus Step: Keep in touch with your event consultant throughout your planning process to receive professional feedback!

Post Steps: You will be receiving our Dusado Survey to fill out & Google Review Request

Event planning with assistance from an award-winning event expert is not the same as planning an event by yourself. Furthermore, hiring an Event Consultant means you have a secret weapon in your pocket where you will be shown how to produce an extraordinary event, maximize your ROI and WOW your clients and guests. 

Your Event Consultant is equipped with knowledge and expertise in the event production field and will provide you with the steps to follow to bring your event to fruition.

Just because the party is over doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating your success! Share your experience with other event planners who might be struggling to plan their next successful event and us. 

When you start working with Sharon Bonner Consulting, you know you have made the best decision. Sharon is a passionate event consultant who wants to help her clients create memorable and meticulously executed events. So if you wish to produce an award-winning event and want to make things a little easier for yourself, an Event Consultant is your answer! 

Equipping yourself with an Event Consultant gives you exclusive insight into lifelong expertise to implement in your own event planning journey. 

Connect with us today and simplify your event production journey!

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