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How to Plan a Work Party

Bright Ideas’ advice was included in an article published in the Management section of the April issue of BC Business; with tips for would-be office party planners.

Corporate event planning 101 from three local experts.
Observe the lack of hands in the air when the boss calls for volunteers to plan the annual office holiday season bash and it’s clear that organizing a successful company-wide event can be a daunting task. To make sure that your major meetings and shindigs go off without a hitch, heed the advice of these corporate coordinators: Michelle Burchill, project coordinator at the UBC Faculty of Law’s National Centre for Business Law; Sharon Bonner, president and CEO of Bright Ideas Event Coordinators Ltd.; and Gilles Fraissange, director of sales and catering at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

Read the full article online at: bcbusinessonline.ca

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