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When world-famous artist Robert Bateman found time in his hectic schedule to attend the opening of the Westside Gallery in Vancouver, it was an opportunity the gallery owner couldn’t pass up. But it also meant pulling together a gala party on short notice. Bright Ideas Event Coordinators was up for the challenge, highlighting the gallery’s luxurious, flexible event space.


Ever gracious, the acclaimed naturalist and painter spent most of the evening signing the complimentary calendars each guest received upon arrival, taking a moment to chat with each person, and pose for a photograph. Delicious appetizers and wine were also well-recieved by one and all, but the highlight of the evening was the short talk Mr. Bateman gave, explaining his creative process, the highlights of his career, and the motivation behind his passion.

“Most children can identify over a thousand corporate logos,” said Bateman, noting most young people don’t have the same expertise when it comes to understanding the world’s endangered species. While the loss of species might seem a depressing topic, Bateman delivered a hopeful message nonetheless, helping the audience to understand how individuals can have a positive impact. The evening was considered a great success by one and all. With the holiday season fast approaching, you also might need a last-minute event for your organization. The shorter your timeline, the more likely you’ll want professional assistance. Contact Bright Ideas Event Coordinators and find out how we can deliver memorable events on time, on budget, and on short notice.

Ask An Event Planner

Is it possible to create an event in seven days?

Yes, if you have a good plan. Here’s what we did for the Westside Gallery. Just 7 easy steps!

  1. Set event objectives
  2. Design event plan
  3. Create guest list
  4. Establish event budget
  5. Secure vendors
  6. Book event staff
  7. Welcome your guests and enjoy your event!

Actually, there are a million other things to do, but don’t worry about it. Just call Bright Ideas. We will take care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy your event.


Top 3 Office Party Planning Tips

Tip 1:

Decide on your event objectives and design an event plan. Keep in mind who your target market is, what gender they are and how much time they will likely spend at the party. Most office parties are best kept under 4 hours.

Tip 2:

Develop a theme. Work within your given space to plan décor, activities and entertainment to support your chosen theme.

Tip 3:

Make sure to include prizes and giveaways, and be sure give each staff a goodie bag when they leave the event. Everyone loves a gift!

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