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Starting the Year in Top Gear

We had an exciting year at Bright Ideas! Here’s a recap of our outstanding productions to inspire your corporate event planning for 2014.

We got the year off to a great start – with a major re-opening for a Langley, BC car dealership. After extensive multi-year renovations the company was ready to show off its expanded and improved new facilities to the community. Bright Ideas delivered an event worthy of the occasion! Approximately 300 guests, including leaders in the local business community, politicians, and valued clients attended. They were treated to an first-class experience, from the valet parking when they arrived, to the evening’s showcase entertainment, provided by the highly-regarded Langley Community Music School, which the dealership has supported since its inception. Gift bags, catering, and décor coordinated with the corporate colours rounded out this event, which not only impressed the guests, but garnered positive press coverage in the local media.

Parades and Protocol

Of course spring is a busy time in the events business and 2013 was no different. Highlights for Bright Ideas included a series of outdoor community events we coordinated for Westminster Credit Union, including their participation in Burnaby’s annual ‘Hats Off” event, where local businesses show their thanks to the community with a family-friendly parade. Another big event – our coordination of a welcome reception for the Australian Governor General. With protocol requirements and security concerns added to the usual event coordination checklist we were honoured to be asked to provide our services… and delighted when every aspect of the reception came off without a hitch!

Fun Plus Formal Equals Amazing

Summertime means outdoor events galore and this year was no different. We brought the famous Ascot horse race traditions of high tea, fancy dress, and big hats to the Brock House for an afternoon event fit for British royalty. Of course we had to ensure it was equal parts fun and formal, so our stick horse races, croquet, face painting and other activities, along with delicious appetizers and elegant décor made this event a sure bet!

Gatsby Gala a ‘Great’ Success

It’s a classic novel set in a famous era. And the opulence of the Roaring Twenties is also a great theme for a corporate event! Our Great Gatsby Gala is quickly becoming one of our most popular themes. This event – held in the expansive setting of the Rocky Mountaineer train station was no exception. Guests were eager to embrace the theme, which included a Speakeasy, casino games, vintage silent films, and a jazz trio to set the mood.

 Bright Ideas Represents Exclusive Costume Ball in Venice


A palace lit by the flames of a thousand candles. A visual feast of performers and décor. A stunning parade of culinary masterpieces, assembled with a historic palette. And amidst it all, masked guests adorned in exotic, handmade costumes, playing their own part in a luxurious fantasy, bringing dreams to life, and creating memories to last a lifetime.

This is the unforgettable real-life experience of Il Ballo del Doge. One of the most renowned events of the annual Carnival of Venice in Italy, Il Ballo del Doge is a masked ball without equal. The brainchild of Italian designer/producer Antonia Sautter, Il Ballo del Doge is held every year in the opulent Palazzo Pisani Moretta – a perfect setting for this amazing evening.

This year’s event is themed “because Dreaming is an Art” and will be held on Saturday, March 1st at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta. For discerning travellers seeking a truly amazing experience, the 21st edition of Il Ballo del Doge is a dream come true!

Want to experience two decades of Il Ballo del Doge in a single evening? What better way to experience this unforgettable event than by opening the Venetian carnival with a chance to enjoy the highlights from the past? This year marks the third presentation of “The Best of Il Ballo del Doge” — to be held on Saturday, Feb. 22, at the start of the famous Carnival of Venice.

Whether you are looking for an unforgettable way to celebrate the masquerade tradition of the Carnival of Venice, seeking a chance to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, or just want to experience one of the world’s most memorable parties –the 2014 Il Ballo del Doge delivers all of the above, and more. Bright Ideas is the exclusive Canadian representative for both events. Please contact us for complete details on the various packages available.

Top Three Themes for 2014

What’s hot when it comes to corporate events? Traditions and innovation are both finding ways to amaze. Here’s what we think our clients will be considering for their events in the coming year.

High Tea at Ascot

High Tea at Ascot

We think this new theme with an traditional twist will be a favourite Spring theme for 2014. A chance to turn the company summer event into an afternoon with an upscale, prosperous ambience, High Tea at Ascot is a great way to reward your top performers.



The shadows were the spotlight when we produced this custom performance. Shapeology turns your company’s story into an innovative shadow play where awe-inspiring dance combines with modern graphic elements to deliver a presentation that inspires.


Xmas Around the World

No need to settle on one locale for your holiday party. This seasonal gala is a trip around the world through cuisines, entertainment, and creative decor. A great way to mix Christmas themes and share multi-cultural workplace traditions.

Guest Blogger – Email Newsletters Equal Results

ck headshot

Chris Keam
Archer Media Services

Email has been a feature of the Internet since its beginnings. Email newsletters have been around almost as long. Combining the ability to contact a person directly, without the big expense of traditional direct mail costs, email newsletters can be a durable solution to many companies’ PR/marketing requirements. But, what’s changed and what’s the same as email marketing evolves and SEO demands quality original content? Here are three essential first steps for getting started:

1) Pick the right program – There are a number of programs that let you create, send, and track your email newsletters. Some are powerful and flexible, but require a designer or writer within the team to know enough HTML to create and update layouts as required. Others offer existing templates and a ‘point and click’ way to create your newsletter, with some trade-offs regarding customization and features. Each one has its strengths and drawbacks. Talk to your team and find out what they recommend, before choosing solely on price or feature list. You may save yourself money and headaches!

2) Cross-purpose the content – Look for ways to recycle your newsletter in other areas of your online presence. Turn articles into blog posts (or vice versa). Will a featured new product or service end up needing its own web page? Re-use the copy or images. As well, make sure you are using your social media channels such as the company Twitter account and Facebook page to publicize the newsletter and attract potential subscribers. Don’t forget to include LinkedIn – it’s a rapidly growing channel and the easiest way to plug into your professional network with content that’s relevant to your industry.

3) Use the data – One of the best things about email newsletters is the useful data you can gather after each mail-out. Typically you can track big picture statistics such as open and click rates, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find out which links are the most popular, which recipients might have visited important links such as ‘request a quote’ or similar, and the most popular times that people are reading the newsletter. All those indicators can help you refine and fine-tune your email newsletter for maximum exposure to your existing clients and prospects.

The geography of the Internet is always shifting. Popular sites arrive, make a splash, and disappear. But email keeps chugging along. And despite claims social media and other channels will rule the web, email newsletters are still effective tools. In-boxes are valuable real estate in the business world. Connect with customers and clients. Offer content they can use. Make sure 2014 includes the reliable email newsletter.

Staff Pick of the Month – Beth Ross


Greetings, Fellow Event Enthusiasts!!

I have worked with Bright Ideas Events as both an Event Staff and Planning Staff.  I can honestly tell anyone that there is almost nothing as satisfying as exploring how creative you can be and to see others revel in the experience and fun your hard work can bring to them!

A few years ago, I worked the Gardening Green Picnic, an event in Kitsilano where guests were invited to decorate a potted plant and enter it into a contest. My job was to provide live nursery plants and guidance with the plant arrangements.  Guests got right into it, literally, into the dirt and glue and glitter and had a great time laughing over each other’s oeuvres d’art.


gardening green picnic

Most came back to decorate and pot several entries because the activity was so creative and original. Guests enjoyed a lovely summer lunch on a tented patio, let loose for the camera in our photo booth to take home another amusing keep-sake of the afternoon festivities, and generally reconnected with each other in a wonderful, relaxed, and memorable environment. I certainly had a blast, despite the 5:00am crew call!

Book Your Best Event Ever

Don’t leave your important corporate events to chance. A great event requires superior planning, preparation, and experience. At Bright Ideas, our award-winning corporate events and satisfied clients are proof we can deliver. Call us or request a quote to find out how Bright Ideas can create an exceptional event for your company. Want to see more great images from the events mentioned in this newsletter? Visit our portfolio.

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