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Planning a corporate event? Ask the experts! If your mind is filled with questions about corporate event planning, Bright Idea’s feature in BIV should help put your mind at ease. In this edition of “Ask The Experts”, Sharon Bonner, CEO & President of...

6 Tips for the PERFECT Summer Party

1. INVITATIONS: It is best to email or mail a “SAVE THE DATE” announcement 6 weeks in advance.  This gives your guests time to plan for the event in advance.  Email or mail the actual invitation 3 weeks in advance.  Nowadays, most invitations are digital, although...
Email Newsletters Equal Results

Email Newsletters Equal Results

Guest blog by Chris Keam Email has been around for a long time – and while it may seem as though it’s been around forever, it’s been roughly 40 years since the first email was sent. This proves that the power of email is strong and will continue to stay as a top...
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