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Many companies are already planning their corporate Fall & Christmas events. It is the time to thank customers and staff for their contributions to the company throughout the year. Often the question arises, should we have guest gifts? And if so, what should they be?

The right gift comes in a lot of price ranges, but quality doesn’t have to break the company’s budget. If a company can budget the funds for giveaways, well-planned gifts create a positive final impression of the event for the evening. It shows the company’s generosity and taste, with the event planned to the last detail. One thing is important.The guest gift if possible, should be customized with your corporate branding.

We think these 4 Great Guest Gift ideas ensure that both your event and your company will remembered! And the best thing: There is a guest gift for every budget!

Corporate Macaroons

The idea is simple. Everyone loves the tiny, sweet treats that come in a variety of colours. Having them customized with your corporate colours makes a great impression. A little ‘Thank You’ not makes the guest gift perfect. Your guests will be delighted by your thoughtfulness and enjoy the macaroons at home while thinking how great your event was and what a fabulous company you have.




Stir-In Hot Chocolate

This is a great giveaway for Fall & Christmas parties – in these seasons it is cold and wet outside and often very stressful in the office. Who does not fancy a timeout with a nice cup of hot chocolate? Exactly! Customized Stir-In Hot Chocolate is the perfect guest gift for this time of the year. Putting together different flavours and maybe event presenting it with a mug is an awesome idea. Your guests will be grateful for this gift while enjoying a calm moment with your Hot Chocolate.

Take out Christmas Trees?

Miniature Christmas trees are a great idea for your next corporate Christmas event! You give them to clients when the trees are small and they can watch them grow. It is a memorable gift with a strong message. This works with other plants as well, such as pointsettias. If you can’t afford the whole plant, seeds are easy to purchase and inexpensive, which is great especially when you are a budget.

Bright_Ideas_Event_Guest_Gifts_for_Corporate_Events (5)

Mobile Power Banks

Companies who want their guest gifts to be a bit more technical might want to go with this power station. You can charge your mobile phone wherever you go. The devices are a little bit more expensive than the guest gifts shown above but they definitely are worth the investment!

This is a great giveaway as it is very useful and there is a great chance people will be carrying it with them all the time after the event. Customized with the company logo and maybe even a nice ‘Thank you’ slogan. This is a gift guests will appreciate!

A great event and a thoughtful gift to remember it by. What better way to promote your company? Subtle touches are what make corporate events memorable and effective. We have many great guest gift ideas for your next Corporate Fall & Christmas Event. Call Bright Ideas Events today or request a quote. Let us plan a perfect event for you, from the first invitation to the parting gifts!


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