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Corporate Christmas Parties aren’t what they used to be. Themed Christmas Parties have taken over. Stiff and dull dinner parties are no more. Companies are also more multi-cultural than ever and recognizing the value of incorporating a wide variety of traditions into the annual winter event. That is why many companies stray away from the traditional Christmas tree and Santa Claus and add other components to their corporate Christmas party. Moreover, themed Christmas Parties are great fun, as they let the guests explore a whole other world, through theme décor, food, and activities.

Here are 4 ‘Bright Ideas’ to create an unforgettable Corporate Christmas Event:



This concept is a great idea for companies who have a diverse workforce. ‘Celebration United’ brings together different aspects from different religious traditions and cultures. It is not only great fun because everyone attending feels respected but also because they can learn more about their colleagues, their religions, and their holidays.


We start by choosing decor items for each creed – such as Christmas trees for European Christians, Kinara candle holders for Kwanzaa, and star piñatas to reflect Latin American celebrations. You should also provide typical dishes for the religions, for example a turkey for Christmas and a brisket for Hanukkah. The activities should be customized as well. There could be Santa Claus photo booth right next to a Hanukkah dreidels table. The guests will be impressed by the details and never forget this Christmas Party for sure!




We are currently planning a Corporate Christmas Event with a theme called ‘Icicle Dreams’. First of all, it is a universal theme as is does not address a particular religious group. When you enter the venue you literally step into an ‘Icicle Dream’. Big icicles are hung from the ceiling and the whole room is filled with ice blue light. Crystal centerpieces and floral arrangements in ice complete the icicle look.

The food will be presented with creative decor to fit the theme and customized food such as Snowflake Cake Pops and Ice Blue Cocktails will be one of the many details creating a unique experience for guests. Ice bars and an ice couch for the photo booth are great ideas for activities and encourage your guests be part of their own ‘Icicle Dreams’.



This is an amazing theme for everybody, no matter what religion or creed! Instead of an ordinary Christmas Party your guests will experience an evening at the Circus. A big top created by colourful linens, red velvets, feathers and many more decor items will create the illusion of attending a ‘Big Top Carnival’.



With this theme the key for incredible catering is to have simple food that fits the theme, such as hamburgers and brownies, presented in a high-end and elegant way. Mini hamburgers, marshmallows on stilts and one bite brownies are very popular and look amazing on our beautifully decorated food stations. Body-painted actors and dancers will keep your guests entertained all night long!




This is one of the greatest events we have ever produced in the history of Bright Ideas. Guests visited four different countries without leaving the building as they journeyed through Russia, Cuba, Italy, and the North Pole. Each country was set up in a different room with country-specific decor, food and entertainment. Each room was an event in itself. Just imagine them all combined! Russian dancers, Cuban cigars, Italian art, and meeting Santa Claus at the North Pole were highlights of the event.


We are very happy to be nominated for a 2014 ISES Esprit Award for Best Corporate Event under $75,000 USD for this events. We cannot wait to receive the results and hope that our hard work and creativity will bring home another event industry award! For more pictures of the event please click here.

Request a quote today and let us turn your corporate Christmas event into an amazing theme spectacle! We will assist you in finding the theme that fits your company perfectly, take care of every detail, and make your next holiday party unforgettable for you and your guests!


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