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Sharon Bonner & ILEA Event Awards

This year marks Bright Ideas Event Agencies’ 20th year of winning event awards. We are so grateful to be categorized as one of the best in the Canadien event industry through recognition of these awards. 

Each year I sit down and reflect on our top events of the year. When reflecting on the event, I evaluate what went well and what could have gone better and decide if it was an award-winning event. Like most events, they hold a special place in my heart and an ever-present memory in my mind. Therefore, to honour the truly great events, I enter them into local and National event awards.

Why should you enter your event into Event Awards Contests?

There are several reasons why you should enter your event into event awards. Below I will share with you my top 7 reasons why I submit Bright Ideas events for event awards on a regular basis.

1. As a marketing tool.

Submitting your event to award competitions is a great marketing tool. The promotion of your award nomination and win (if you are successful) is excellent for social media, blogs, website, press releases, and even newsletters.

2. Allows you to evaluate

I find completing the event award submission the perfect opportunity to evaluate my team’s work. That is why whenever I evaluate our work, I like to see how it stacks up against peers in the industry.

3. Gain new sales and exposure

There is no doubt that as your event is nominated for an event award, it is exposed to a larger audience of people. This exposure can help you gain new leads and potential clients.

4. Showcases Bright Ideas as an expert 

Every time a Bright Ideas event is nominated for an award, it gives us credibility and shows that we are an expert in the industry. Whether we win or not, recognizing that our event is award-worthy shows our clients that we know what we are doing and that we do it well.

5. Showcases our skills

An award-worthy event showcases the impeccable level of creativity that Bright Ideas is proud to offer our clients. With every nomination, our outside-the-box thinking and exemplary problem-solving skills are demonstrated.

6. Makes our clients proud

Who doesn’t love to brag that they hosted an award-winning event? In fact, I know our clients love to share with their peers and executives that not only did their event meet their goals and exceed expectations but that it won an event award.

7. Keeps our name at the forefront of the industry

With the ever-changing state of the event industry, it is essential to stay at the forefront of people’s minds. Therefore, every event award nomination shows our peers in the event industry that Bright Ideas Event Agency is still relevant and here to stay.

Recent Event Awards

We are thankful for every event award nomination that Bright Ideas receives. This year alone, we have been nominated for six awards and already won one! Specifically, we have been nominated for three ILEA Vancouver awards, two Canadian Event Awards and one ILEA Espirit award, which we won! Check out more from our recent ILEA Espirit award win here, and our list of award wins since 2002! 

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