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Corporate event for Jaguar & character actors

One of our top clients requested three events in one for this award-winning corporate event in Richmond. They were celebrating the opening of a newly built Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) showroom, a VIP Grand Opening event that coincided with their 50th corporate anniversary and the launch of a new product in Canada. With both VIP clientele and executives from National and International headquarters, this three-in-one event could be nothing less than outstanding.

It was important for Bright Ideas to be innovative and understand our client\’s goals for this unique three-in-one corporate event. The goal was to host a world-class occasion that offered a cohesive experience where guests could explore 106,000 square feet spread across three floors, highlighting the 50 years of JLR\’s history and the new Land Rover Velar. Bright Ideas adapted the typical Grand Opening Event template with outside-the-box ideas and innovative experiences.

The Event Design

To showcase the new building, we first established our event design. The company\’s British heritage was the main inspiration for the event design of this corporate event. With this inspiration in mind, our team headed off to market research. Our findings showed that English garden landscapes were an iconic aspect of British heritage and culture, the historical reference, the precise lines of boxwood perfectly reflected the sleek look of the JLR brand and its products.

We applied the concept of contrasting elements for this design, in areas where rigidity needed to be contrasted by something whimsical. Colourful elements were incorporated into the whimsical nature of the design including the addition of bright butterflies and delicate florals. This whimsical nature of the design was incorporated with colourful elements which included the addition of bright butterflies and delicate florals. At the same time, the brand colours remained as the base of the design and inspiration. Thus the British Secret Garden concept was born.

Character actors at corporate event

Corporate Event Services

For this unique corporate event, our client asked for help from the Bright Ideas team to achieve three events within one. From day one, our team provided theme development and creative services. We used our knowledge of the Vancouver event industry to select the best vendors to help bring this vision to life. On-site, we provided full event services, vendor management and event production.

A Walk Through the Event

Incorporated throughout the entire showroom was the British Secret Garden concept, thanks to an amazing vendor team. On all three floors, typical event components were reimagined as garden features. We matched the angular boxwood with whimsical and creative touches at every opportunity. As guests emerged from the boxwood archway, stunning Butterfly girls greeted them with Champagne. Simultaneously, Flower Petal girls fluttered through the crowd on the second floor. These character actors were enticing guests to explore the whole venue while stopping for memorable photos.

Garden-inspired decor transformed food stations and even the DJ booth into British grottos. A prominent feature on one of the floors was the 35ft long mega bar. This bar was custom built for the corporate event to depict the lush green grottos found in historic Britain. Nestled amongst the boxwood and butterflies, the DJ relayed music and speeches to all corners of the showroom. On all the floors, live feeds from multiple cameras, mounted and roving, were patched through in-house LED monitors and plasma screens. Soft nods to the company\’s heritage and British history were integrated into the corporate event space. In areas where a live pianist performed, classic Jaguar vehicles were on display. This was sure to be a highlight for the vintage car enthusiast.

During the event, one of the most memorable experiences for guests was the unveiling of the never-seen-before Land Rover Velar. A custom-built stage with a synchronized light show and blasts of dry ice celebrated the reveal of our client\’s new product. It was a truly spectacular way to showcase this new JLR product.

Luxury catering at corporate event
Luxury car stage

In Conclusion

The British Secret Garden theme fully immersed guests from the moment they arrived. This three-in-one corporate event was an all-encompassing stunning and memorable experience for each of the 700 guests. Everywhere guests went featured something new that perfectly carried the theme across all 106,000 square feet. Including the three floors of custom-build boxwood garden features, the Secret Garden Girls, and an actual maze with a secret center. There is no doubt that Bright Ideas achieved the event objectives and surpassed our client\’s expectations.

The Bright Ideas team loves any opportunity to transform a space and produce an award-winning event for our clients. So, if you are looking to host a world-class corporate event and want an all-encompassing event production team to assist you, we are here to help! Check out our event production services for more information on how to work with Bright Ideas.


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