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A Christmas Carol is one of the most well-loved and most enduring holiday stories of all time. It’s a humbling tale that reminds us that while we define success differently, we need one another to succeed in this life.

Throwing A Christmas Carol themed event for your team shows them that there’s someone at the head of the table whom everyone can look up to, and that they can trust that person will lead them to continually align and reaffirm their core values.

The team’s strength is fortified when they’re reminded that there’s the family we are born into and a family that we create with people we trust. For teams to be successful, they need to support one another, believe in each other, and come together. And when leadership creates an environment that is warm and inviting, team members feel welcomed and most importantly, valued.

A Christmas Carol themed event not only embraces the traditional elements that we love about Christmas, but it also highlights that our lives are built on the lessons of the past, the reality of the present, and the promises of the future.

Here’s how to pull off an epic A Christmas Carol celebration:

The Venue

While Scrooge’s miserly ways is a huge theme in A Christmas Carol, your event should emphasize on his transformation and the kindness he learned. Now is the time to show your teammates that you consider them family by going all out at the venue and building a realistic village that looks like it’s straight out of the beloved novel.

Transport guests to Christmas in the early 1800s with brick patterns, vintage oil lamps and lanterns, and Victorian era elements. Give off a festive ambiance with traditional reds and greens, plenty of sparkling lights, and garlands of traditional Christmas flowers.

Design a space that keeps guests engaged with corridors and passageways that flow throughout the different beautifully decorated sections for food and entertainment. Be inspired by family gatherings and place tables close together.

The Food

The holidays are all about tradition, and what is Christmas without the favorites. You may want to stay true to the novel by serving roast goose, mashed potatoes, and apple sauce, just like Bob Cratchit did when he sat down with his family on Christmas Day. Some other menu ideas that stay true to the theme include turkey, long wreaths of sausage, mince pies, oysters, and Christmas pudding.

The Entertainment

From different food stations to customized activities for every section, your guests will be entertained as they freely explore the village. Take guests to the Past, Present, and Future with themed sections that encourage play and participation.

To get more inspiration for your A Christmas Carol Celebration, see how we pulled one off for our annual Holiday Staff Party. From hand-painted backdrops and shop fronts to a snow treatment, discover how we designed a village complete with courtyards where guests could gather and immerse themselves in a world right out of the classic Charles Dickens novel. We even installed a metal, three-tiered working fountain in the center of the courtyard of our customized European village.

If you think that A Christmas Carol themed event sounds like a logistical nightmare, let Bright Ideas show you how it’s done.



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