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The event planning process, when placed in the hands of professionals, can and will exceed your expectations. If you’re tired of the same old themes that aren’t cohesive, and you’re looking for something with a bit more pizazz to it, we’re here to show you how easy it can be.

You can include a unique theme with plenty of great party activities and opportunities for your guests to feel like a part of something different for the duration of the evening. Let’s have a look at the Roaring Twenties Party Theme as a shining example of creativity and experience working together to deliver something extraordinary:

No Speakeasy Comes without a Secret Password

During the Prohibition, Speakeasies weren’t exactly well-kept secrets. Secret clubs and bars where patrons could enjoy a drink or two had passwords that one had to “speak easy” to gain entry and avoid drawing the suspicion of law enforcement. Our party had a Speakeasy wall where guests needed a password, which they could read from their invitation to enter.

Décor Has to Sell the Theme

As with most events, it’s the décor that usually takes center stage and provides a positive first impression for the guests. For the Roaring Twenties party, the central setting was the Jail and Roaring Casino. Everything was spiced up with Prohibition-appropriate signs, detailing the house rules and hinting at some activities that would take place later.

Speakeasy Activities

There are plenty of things to do at a Speakeasy with a Casino. But what if law enforcement busts in for a raid, checking for illegal alcohol consumption and suspicious activity? Well, some party guests might then end up in “jail,” which they then have to escape, either through bribery, classic jailbreak, or community service.

Getting Guests to Dress Up

The 1920s had a unique fashion look that most guests love recreating for special occasions. Pearls and feathers, flapper dresses, and crisp, high-contrast suits provide a great way to make the theme more authentic. The guests will feel like they’ve stepped back through time, which is exactly what you want to accomplish.

Actors Bring Authenticity

Many colorful characters certainly frequented Speakeasies of the Prohibition era, and it’s always a good idea to evoke that feeling for an event by hiring actors. The Cigarette Girl, Paperboys and the Mob Boss took part in different activities and entertained the guests. They looked and acted in a way authentic to the 1920s to bring the era to life!

Singers Are Great Entertainment

The Roaring Twenties were a time of raucous parties, some even taking place in large underground facilities. There were Speakeasies with a far more elaborate set up than simple back rooms. We imagined one such ballroom with singers as the evening’s entertainment and brought it to life for our event.

Underground vs. Opulence

The contrast between an underground, top-secret Speakeasy and an opulent casino made things interesting for our Roaring Twenties event. This way, guests could experience the excitement of hiding from the law, while still being able to party hard.

Are you looking for a reliable partner to make your next corporate party shine? Bright Ideas Events is a multi-award winning event production firm and we’d be delighted to help bring your theme to life, so contact us today.


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