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There’s rarely anything as glamorous, opulent and luxurious as a day (or a few days) in Vegas. The adrenaline boost complemented with spectacular visuals, sounds, smells and overall excitement that, at times, seems palpable are genuinely things you can only experience in Vegas, or are they?

At Bright Ideas Events Ltd., we recreate the style, richness and lavishness of a typical day in Vegas so well, that you’ll forget you aren’t actually in Vegas! Our creative professionals have an eye for the right showgirls, stage shows, entertainment equipment and all other elements that set a gambling atmosphere. In the hands of these creative giants, your ordinary location will quickly become an extravagant arena everyone wants to be a part of. We bring a vision to life, and if your imagination has anything to do with Vegas – this is what we plan to do

1.Create a Vegas Sensation With Décor

If it’s not glitz and glam, it’s not Vegas – and we know what props and decorative elements to bring into your venue to make it shine like the world’s entertainment capital.

By using a selection of fantastic theming accessories, you can be sure your guests will have a WOW experience!

A Vegas party is best recreated using some of the prominent Vegas elements: high top cocktail tables covered with long sparkly tablecloths, fun gambling game stations, fancy glassware for cocktails and plenty of glitters and bright lighting. Flashing signs above game tables with strands of rope lights and neon signs adding to that unique Vegas vibe. Stages set for music acts, along with hired actors-entertainers, are calling everyone to get into their best spirits (like they already aren’t in their best spirits by attending a Vegas party!)

2.Entertainment Elements Count Double

With the right wandering acts – jugglers, feather showgirls, magicians, singers, dancers and other Las Vegas inspired performers roaming around the venue to bring the Vegas ambiance, your party will leave everyone stunned. Our team will make sure the hired staff is trained to entertain your guests while they wow everyone channeling their Vegas-style mannerisms, and evoking the excitement and charm of this glamorous city.

We make sure everything’s on point, and on schedule – from the music that’s non-stop throughout the night to having photographers capture crucial moments. But, that’s not all: a real Vegas feel can’t go without slot machines, money wheel, roulette and other exciting games that not only encourage the guests to win but make those thrilling sounds that make you feel like a winner! With our Vegas theme customized events, you are one step away for an unforgettable night. And the party giveaways? Wait and see!

3.Play It Hot and Authentic

At Bright Ideas Events, Ltd., we are all about the team spirit – whether it be in the way we organize our events or the type of gameplay we encourage. Although typical Vegas entertainment has everyone in the room compete against each other individually, we always look to organize team competitions that are exciting, fun and have the teams gather points for their gambling wins. Surveys show that individual activities turned into group activities encourage a fabulous time for all guests.

We’ll lay out the gambling stations in a way that everyone feels welcome to join the gambling party long into the night while trained actor croupiers dressed appropriately in Vegas-style-wear monitor the games. You’ll love it!

P.S. We send out guest invitations suggesting a Vegas dress code for a more authentic experience.

Carrying the theme throughout the entire event process is crucial if you want to evoke the real Vegas feel. Trusting Bright Ideas Events, Ltd. to organize your party will leave you with no loose ends, failed acts, or inauthentic elements, au contraire! Everything we do is done with your pleasure in mind – you can count on us!


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