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Increasing your bottom line is important. Hosting regular Client Appreciation events has better client satisfaction and increases the odds of retaining your client base.

A carefully planned Client Appreciation event will bring you more referrals, better deals, more testimonials, and even more sales to new clients.

For a client appreciation event to be successful, it needs to cover three key factors:

  • Many opportunities to make stronger connections with clients
  • Great food
  • Lots of fun

Planning a Client Appreciation event takes time and patience, but with the right event planner at your side, you will have no trouble with the crucial steps of the process:

Defining a Goal

The last thing you want is to leave your clients feeling undervalued – and this happens very often at Client Appreciation events. If poorly executed, events of this sort can miss the mark entirely.

The fundamentals of any Client Appreciation event are to get your most valued clients to attend, get them to stay, and the most important one of them all: TRULY showing your clients how much you appreciate doing business with them.

When you’re competing against a crowded client social calendar, you need to make sure to spark interest in your event. Many Client Appreciation events are very impersonal and generic, and clients choose not to show up because they know what to expect – which is often not too much.

But, when you host an event that moves the boundaries of the ordinary, and you promote it correctly, your clients will be more than happy to attend. Exotic food, entertainers, delicious drinks, attractive interior – it all counts.

Putting Everything Into Context

If you want to host a cutting-edge event, you have to think outside the box. The event needs to be fun and entertaining, but it also has to align with your brand and with your surroundings. A themed event is a magnificent idea, and if it gets executed right, success is guaranteed.

When people have fun at your party – you know you’re doing it right!

Entertaining people while placing every detail into context might not be your specialty, but luckily, there are professional event planners that can help you with this.

Take this Wild, Wild West event theme, for example. Western themes are always an excellent choice for events in British Columbia, regardless of the company’s industry. They make a perfect chance for some heritage celebration, enjoying local dishes and dressing up! Not to mention that it’s the ideal occasion to wear a cowboy hat!

We incorporated an essential acknowledgment about the client into the western theme which made it unique and completely client-appropriate. On top of it all, we asked the guests to dress in the theme, and you wouldn’t believe how wonderfully that worked.

The clients were happy, everyone was delighted, and the atmosphere was beautifully positive during the whole event.

Benefits of Bright Ideas

The benefits of hosting a Client Appreciation event can be astonishing and good for your bottom line. The critical factor in the success of such an event is the proper execution. It’s not enough for you to do it – you need to do it well.

Organizing the perfect event is no rocket science for professionals who have been wowing clients for decades. Contact us if you want to plan the best event ever for your clients!


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