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To transform a train station and create a colorful & elegant tableau for guests to enjoy a sophisticated and entertaining event.


Creating an engaging, entertaining and interactive theme is always top-of-mind when a client chooses Bright Ideas Events to produce their event. But this important aspect is just the first step. For our company, understanding the goals and objectives behind the decision to host an event must be considered and achieved. With ‘A 1920s Soiree’, we created an evening that delivered in every respect.

The décor requirements for the 1920’s Soiree went through a series of changes prior to the event, but the result was a success despite these challenges. One of our goals was to create three distinct areas within the venue, while maintaining the overall ‘look’ of the theme. By featuring different décor elements, but carrying important aspects such as colour scheme and materials through each area, we achieved this outcome.

As with all themed events, first impressions are important. Guests arriving at the 1920’s Soiree were greeted by a 25 foot red carpet entrance and a customized archway in gold and black, with the company name emblazoned in gold and black on a 12 foot wide sign, and flanked by black drape for added elegance. An amber damask lighting pattern scattered over the floor and high-lighted key decor pieces from brass tigers to an LED DJ booth.

The design of the buffet decor and display was particularly striking because it managed take over the event space in an exceptional eye catching display that went from floor to ceiling. We brought in customized chandeliers combined with towering crystal pillars sitting high above four theme-personalized food stations. Among the delicious displays of food there were custom created frames surrounding all menus and hand painted decor accent pieces in gold and brass.


Objective #1 – Transform a plain brick and metal building into an elegant upscale environment

Our chosen venue, the Rocky Mountaineer Railway Station, is a building with very little decoration. This can be helpful, or a hindrance. We use the plain space as a blank canvas, utilizing carefully placed décor and lighting effects to transform the interior, creating an atmosphere of luxury and elegance through velvet draping, chandeliers, carefully chosen décor items, and extensive use of patterned gobo lighting. The result was an environment reflecting our theme of Roaring Twenties luxury.


Objective #2 – Maintain look and feel of the event despite a last-minute budget reduction

Layoffs within the company as the event approached created a perception problem for our client. It was felt that too lavish a budget could be interpreted as disrespectful to those who had lost their jobs, so the budget was cut by 20% four weeks before the event. We reviewed our décor list & realized the best tactic was to eliminate a big-ticket item, three custom-designed lounge areas. We then rearranged other décor & seating elements to help fill the space and used damask gobo lighting effects projected onto the floor & walls to ‘fill’ an otherwise empty area of the room.


Objective #3 – Give each section of the space a distinct identity within overall theme

Our client had trouble deciding on the theme they wanted for the event. Three options were presented, OK’ed, and then rejected. To address this issue, we combined elements of all three of the original proposals, delivering the impression of a 1920s casino with modern touches, while still maintaining three different settings within the overall theme. With this approach we were able to exceed the client’s theme and décor expectations without having to abandon the pre-production work done on the project.



There is no doubt in my mind that we achieved all of our objectives and surpassed expectations with ‘A 1920s Soiree’. Our approach to every aspect of the event; from working with their creative ideas and keeping them ‘in the loop’ throughout the planning stages, to the flawless execution of the event, and the close eye on budgetary constraints, gave them the outstanding event they were seeking. To see more photos of this gorgeous event, click here.


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