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Waste has become a massive problem for the world in recent decades, and the stats are troubling, especially when it comes to food waste. Approximately 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year, which is roughly one-third of all the food produced in the world. And out of those 1.3 billion tons, the vast majority of waste is fruits and vegetables.

Fortunately, the food and event industries are catching on and striving to become greener. One of the latest anti-waste efforts comes from bars creating what is popularly called “trash cocktails” or cocktails made with garbage.

The Idea Behind Cocktails Made with Garbage

An average bar tosses three to four barrels of lime and lemon peels to trash each night, and the statistics are similar for other parts of fruit that aren’t usually fully used in the drink-making business. The recent popularity of craft cocktails has the amount of fruit and vegetables tossed to trash by bars reaching an all-time high.

Bartenders who are partial to cocktails made with garbage ensure that there is no part of the fruit wasted before it serves its purpose in a delicious drink. Up-cycled cocktails are equally as yummy as the less green variety, but they have the advantage of reducing food waste, which is something every person on this planet should be concerned.

Delicious Cocktails Made with Garbage for Events

Creating a more sustainable variant is always possible for virtually any type of cocktail, which has the potential to make them a real hit in the event industry in its efforts to become more eco-friendly. Additionally, it’s a great way to weave a theme into an event.

For example, a lime stock made out of blanched lime husks can be a significant infusion of lime flavour in a cocktail. The remaining fruit pulp is another primary source of waste that can blend into a more enticing fruity ingredient for an eco-friendly cocktail. In addition to that, fruit peels can be dried, and shaped into edible garnish that is undoubtedly going to look and taste outstanding complementing a nice drink.

Classic Cocktails with an Up-Cycled Spin

With craft cocktails being so popular, it’s become natural for bartenders to compete on creating the best cocktail — and that competition is turning towards putting an up-cycled spin on classic cocktails. Some examples include:

Mai Tai — with a rum infusion made from leftover kaffir lime, ginger and lemongrass;

Daiquiri — with a dried banana peel as a garnish, and apple pulp repurposed with malic acid, sugar and water
Melon Collins — with lime stock and melon shrub created from overripe melons preserved by sugar and vinegar.

By incorporating and repurposing the parts of fruit that would’ve ended up in a bin – into infusions, garnishes and other cocktail ingredients, any cocktail can become more eco-friendly. That may be one small step towards ensuring a more sustainable future, but making enough of those steps can make a genuine difference.

If you need inspiration or help to organize your next up-cycled green event, we’ll be happy to assist you here at Bright Ideas Events.


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