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When you think of candy bars at events, what usually comes to mind are kids’ birthdays and other parties intended for children. But are sweet treats only reserved for youngsters? Not quite, because adults can enjoy Candy Bars at events too — even in a corporate setting.

The main trick of setting up an adult Candy Bar is to ensure that it matches the theme of the event and preferences of attendees. With proper event planning, that can be quite easy to do. Here are our suggestions for setting up a candy bar for the ‘big kids’.

Candy Bars at Corporate Events

A candy bar is a station containing sweets, candy, and any other treats you want your guests to enjoy.

When placing a candy bar at a corporate event, keep in mind that there will be different age groups and demographics to whom you’ll need to cater to.

The Variety Can Be Stunning

An adult Candy Bar has variety, but the options are all distinctly divided. You can color-code the sweets, or group them according to different types or shapes. Make sure that they follow the overall theme or perhaps the company colors.

Sugarfina — a High-End Option

If you’re looking for high-end candy to be the star of your candy bar, Sugarfina is a good option. Their sweets are creative, usually cocktail-inspired, and can fit perfectly with any event theme. What’s more, they’re mostly gluten-free, fat-free, and made of all-natural ingredients, which is a real bonus when you want people to indulge.

Sugarwish — Creative and Unique

If sending candy is your idea of gift-giving AFTER an event, you can do so with Sugarwish. This option is unique because it allows the receiver to fill their own candy gift box with the sweets they prefer. This ensures that you’re providing the perfect gift which has the added fun for the receiver of picking out their favorite sweet treat.

Make the Station Pretty

The variety of candy will provide a lot of visual interest on its own, but it’s still important to make the station pretty. Match the style and feel of the theme with station decorations and adornments. Make sure that the containers are the right size, to ensure that every guest will get their candy portion.

Provide Great Lighting

The right lighting will draw attention to the candy bar display, which you need to make it stand out. Candy bars are great elements to feature, but how you do it will depend on the theme. Spotlights, chandeliers, and LED-based lighting decorations will go a long way in getting your candy bar noticed.

Sweets aren’t for kids only, and it’s possible to incorporate them into your office party or an event to show attendees how much you appreciate them. Make sure to adjust the candy bar to your theme and make it look pretty — the rest will depend on the candy you choose to stock.

Are you planning to throw a corporate event and want to shake things up? Bright Ideas Events is ready to offer you a ‘sweet deal’ and put our expertise at your service!


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