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This year, Easter falls on Sunday, April 21st. It’s one of the most important holidays in the Christian tradition, as it marks the anniversary of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a joyous occasion, it has developed many fun celebration traditions over the centuries, which are perfect for planning a party.

While most people celebrate Easter with family and friends, it’s also never a bad idea to throw an Easter-themed office party. This could be an excellent opportunity to allow colleagues to connect better, build team spirit and take a break from managing the stress of work.

Let’s have a look at some Easter party theme ideas that you can implement for your office party this Easter:

Easter Comes with Bright Colors

Easter in late April means only one thing; bright colors of spring which need to be included in your decorations. Brightening up the office with colorful decor will ensure that the joyful spirit of Easter is present and working its magic on everyone attending the party. Even pastel colors are a welcome addition.

Bunnies and eggs are a classic, but you’re not necessarily limited to those options. You could make Easter decorations more spring-oriented instead — just let your creativity take over! Wildflowers of spring would make for fantastic centerpieces, incorporating snowdrop flowers and a lot of greenery. Better yet, give the flower centerpieces away as door prizes at the end of the event so that everyone goes home with flowers!

No Party Is Complete Without Good Food

An Easter goodie basket will naturally include copious amounts of chocolate, biscuits, and maybe dyed hard-boiled eggs, but that isn’t all that should be on an Easter-themed menu. Office parties generally work well with appetizers and finger foods, which include various dips and one-bite or two-bite wonders.

Springtime also means there should be some seasonal vegetables gracing the plates of attendees. With finger foods, there’s a good chance you can combine various ingredients like cheese, potatoes, eggs and meats into a delicious menu that will leave everyone feeling satisfied.

Easter Activities Ensure a Great Time

Egg hunts are a traditional Easter-time activity that you will have no shortage of volunteers for — especially if the prize is something delicious like giant oversized chocolate bunnies.

It may also nurture the ‘friendly competition’ among colleagues, which is always a good idea if that motivates them to thrive.

Alternatively, if you split people into teams instead of making it a free-for-all type of activity, this will help build team spirit and improve cooperation, so the choice is up to you. If you’d like to make an Easter egg hunt more adult-oriented, include riddles to make it a bit more challenging, or offer an enticing cash prize for the winning team or individual.

Of course, other Easter games and activities can work just as well, such as egg decorating or egg swaps, and you certainly may incorporate more than one.

Planning an event is a time-consuming activity, but it’s always worth the effort if it is a well-organized event. Especially in the corporate environment where building bridges of cooperation and friendship between employees is so paramount, events are a great idea.

So quick like a bunny and give us a call at Bright Ideas Events . We’ll be happy to assist you in planning the perfect Easter themed office party!


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