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Summer is over and the Holiday Season is fast approaching. If you want to host an event that motivates and inspires your staff, you need to you need to start planning now! It doesn’t matter if this is your 50th Holiday Office Celebration, or the first, one thing is certain – you need to make it memorable. Creating unique, crowd-pleasing events has been Bright Ideas’ mission for the past 27 years. Here are some key factors for success we’ve learned in that time.

Bored guests waiting for their turkey dinner and then leaving right after dessert is a major event fail. To plan a winning event, make sure you start off right – by choosing a theme and steadily building anticipation as the date approaches. You can build up excitement prior to the event date by holding themed contests beforehand, creating an online space to post information, and generating excitement with regular updates.

Don’t forget to make your event interactive. This is a sure-fire way to get guests to mingle and socialize. Have an agenda offering a range of fun activities encouraging mixing, mingling, and communication. Team-building activities are a great way to get people talking. The best type of team-building activity is unstructured. We usually recommend activities where guests are placed on a team at the start of the event, branch off individually throughout the event, and then regroup at the end. This combination gives guests the sense of working/playing as a team, with enough autonomy to “do their own thing” as well.

Here are our TOP 10 Holiday themes

1. The Great Gatsby Gala

The venue was divided into two distinct areas to separate the dual themed event. Upon arrival, the guests were greeted to a true Roaring Twenties atmosphere complete with red feather vignettes, silver candelabras draped with white pearls and black feather boas.


2. Roaring Twenties

Three undercover coppers burst into the room and announced the Raid for giggle juice and other funny business. They began checking for illegal alcohol consumption, Mafioso-types, and criminals of any kind!


3. Big Top Celebration

When you produce a special event for industry insiders, it had better be good. Bright Ideas rose to the occasion for the International Special Events Society annual event.


4. Winter Wonderland

When the client asked Bright Ideas to transform the venue into a Winter Wonderland, she got just that; a breathtaking winter scene complete with falling snow, ice bars, sparkling white birch trees and snowflake Gobos.

teligence 060
teligence 144
teligence 159

5. Mardi Gras

A Carnival celebration well-known throughout the world. The origins of the Mardi Gras we celebrate today, with Kings & Queens, Mardi Gras colors and brass bands, are traced to New Orleans.


6. A Frosty Affair

Few things are so clean, crisp, and beautiful as light snowfall on sunny winter day. The glistening snow, bright blue sky, and gently falling flakes can warm the heart, even if there’s a chill in the air.

snowflake_soiree (13)
snowflake_soiree (1)
snowflake_soiree (38)

7. 1920 Soiree

The 1920’s Soiree Christmas staff party event delivered the luxurious touches we had planned. Through strategic decisions about the décor and creative measures, we created a colourful and elegant tableau for guests to enjoy a sophisticated and entertaining event.

Bright Ideas 1920's Soiree (8)
Bright Ideas 1920's Soiree (7)
Bright Ideas 1920's Soiree (12)

8. Christmas Around The World

A staff appreciation event that stand out requires innovation. Our client wanted more than a typical “Christmas” party – guests talking shop over food and drink, or worse yet, skipping the event entirely.

Christmas Around The World (31)
Christmas Around The World (18)
Christmas Around The World (27)

9. Diamonds Are Forever

Bond. James Bond. Renowned for debonair sophistication, dry martinis, and good luck, whether he’s charming a beautiful woman, or going all in at the Baccarat Table. For the Diamonds Are Forever event, Agent 007 was the inspiration to reimagine a long-time client’s annual staff party, with all the luxurious touches James would expect.

Diamonds Are Forever 2014 000 (17)
Diamonds Are Forever 2014 000 (5)
Diamonds Are Forever 2014 000 (13)

10. Wild Wild West

Western themes are always a good fit for events in British Columbia. It’s a chance to celebrate a bit of heritage, enjoy hearty local dishes, and wear a cowboy hat!


We are very proud of the award winning themes above and would love to create a special theme for your next event. With endless creativity and attention to detail, we produce events that you, our client, will be proud to host.  Contact us today for a FREE no obligation quote and let the magic begin.


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