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Corporate events can be challenging to get right. For attendees, being around their coworkers outside of work might not be an ideal way to pass the time. A lot of companies tend to minimize organizing and hosting events for that reason.

However, there’s more to corporate events than the obligatory holiday party. Hosting a Corporate Event in the summer is a great way to break the routine and introduce new experiences. Here’s why it’s a good idea to have a summer Corporate Event:

People Are Less Overwhelmed

Every business has a seasonality to it, and times of the year when it slows down. Summer is one of those periods for many industries, as it is the vacation season. However, even when it isn’t slow, summer offers one more benefit that helps people feel at ease: longer days and more light.

During the summer, sunlight positively affects our mood, which can reduce stress and make us feel less overwhelmed. Corporate event attendees will undoubtedly have a better time in the summer when they’re more relaxed than during the winter holiday rush. With less to do at work and better mood, summer seems the ideal time to host a grand corporate event.

More Venue Options

In the summer, event planners have both the indoors and the outdoors at their disposal when looking for a venue. More often than not, taking advantage of the good weather is what makes a summer event stand out. Garden venues, beaches, and even parks can all be great spots for attendees to enjoy different summer activities.

Of course, that doesn’t mean an indoor venue would be the wrong choice, but it’s certainly nice to have more options. Even outdoor events with an indoor backup could be a viable option in the summer if you’re not sure that the weather will be nice enough.

Plenty of Themes

There’s no denying that summer is an inspiring season. And with a lot of venue options, there’s also a multitude of directions and ideas that you can explore with a theme. Seasonal events should generally celebrate an aspect of the season itself, and you can incorporate that into a summer theme quite well.

Tropical cocktail nights, relaxing and fun beach activities, barbecues and sports — all of those have a special type of summer charm that is difficult to recreate at other times of the year. There’s always room to innovate a classic theme, but it’s a good idea to make use of the advantages that plenty of options can provide you.

Summer is a great time to host a Corporate Event. Having a multitude of options for venues and themes makes planning much easier for you. And let’s not forget that summer is the happy, carefree season your attendees will look forward to enjoying.

If you need help planning your next corporate event, contact us here at Bright Ideas Events. Whether it’s to celebrate summer fun or not, we’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.


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