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A cool breeze lifts your hair, bringing your senses into the moment….

A wayward cloud slides across the sky to reveal the sun, drenching your breeze-cooled skin….

The mouth-watering scent of fresh grill on the BBQ wash over you….

The immediacy of these experiences overwhelm you and your toes curl into the sun-warmed sand as if to forever root you to this moment….

And then someone lights the Tiki Torches and the band strikes up a Calypso version of ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele and suddenly you know that you love this place and you’re going to remember it forever by living every minute until the house lights come on.

Are you there?… Are you hooked?

This is your next corporate event. Summer or Winter. Annual Awards or Staff Christmas Party. 40 guests or 400 guests. The inspiration is endless, so at your next company function, take your guests to a Tropical Island Paradise!

When you imagine tropical paradise, you think palm trees, grass skirts, thatched huts, Tiki torches, sand, and lots and lots of exotic flowers bursting with colour. All of these are available, both real and fake, in most urban locales, so use them.

Bright Ideas suggests placing tall palms on either end of the event entrance as well as the bars to create visual focal points. Table grass skirts (rather than on the guests) are ideal as they make all surfaces look imported directly from Bora Bora. A thatched hut, known as a Palapa, can be used to designate the head table or perhaps a photo-op with a hammock. If your venue allows controlled indoor flames, nothing says ‘Tropical Paradise’ like flaming Tiki torches. Use them to mark a pathway or the edges of the dance floor and stage. When using open flames, always be careful and plan appropriately.

Exotic flowers really remind the senses of a tropical locale. They come in every colour and shape under the sun, so they will fit into any colour theme. They also really help to soften the overall look of the event, adding a touch of class and making sure that your event looks tasteful and special. We always recommend that florals are incorporated into the centrepieces, chair backs if appropriate, buffets, bars, registration and wall hangings.

The beautiful thing about planning a Tropical Paradise corporate event is that it’s easy to continue the theme into the event’s menu. Include lots of seafood and grilled items and work with the cater to develop a unique and customized presentation to remind the eye, as well as the pallet, of dining in Paradise. But remember that you have many guests and plan a varied menu accordingly so that everyone can find something they find delicious to eat.

Tropical Paradise inspired activities and entertainment are an absolute MUST! And Bright Ideas, with 28 years of experience, knows all the best acts in town! A Limbo competition might seem obvious, but it’s always loads of fun!

Alternatively, Bright Ideas is always great at creating games, like interactive Art Stations where guests learn to weave a traditional grass bag and enter their object d’art in a competition to see how much it can hold.

A Luau also might seem obvious, but they are actually like Tropical Dinner Theatre. Hula dancing, fire dancers, acrobatics with hoops, singing competitions with a Ukulele player, a Maori war dance, a demonstration on how to make the perfect Pina Colada; the list goes on and on!

We started by putting you in the Tropical Paradise state of mind using words alone. We finished by demonstrating how Bright Ideas can put all of your guests into a small slice of it using Décor, Cuisine, Activities, and Entertainment. Let Bright Ideas take you completely away to a Tropical Paradise at your next corporate event. Contact us today to transport your guests to your next Tropical Paradise Event!


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