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Hosting an event is more than just a room filled with balloons and music; it’s a whole experience in itself. In this blog, we focus on our award-winning event, the NorLand Black & White Ball produced by Bright Ideas Event Agency, while following a simple event plan guide on how to host a memorable event.  

A Little Context of the Event – The NorLand Black & White Ball:

NorLand Limited was celebrating the 30th Anniversary of its current ownership, so we worked with our client to host a Black & White Ball to commemorate this milestone. In an empty train station with 20,000 square feet of event space, we designed and custom-built a manor house to hold the ball. With a majestic ‘Gone with the Wind’ style staircase leading to a second floor was one of the event’s highlights.

Setting Event Plan Objectives:

First task is to set your event objectives. Why are you holding the event? What are the clients’ objectives? For example, NorLand Limited was celebrating the 30th Anniversary of its current ownership and wanted to host a Black & White Ball to commemorate this milestone achievement.

Implementing A Collaborative Event Plan Design:

After you have set your objectives and identified your event type, the next step is to work closely with the client by having a collaborative approach to event design. When working with clients we take several different steps to ensure there are opportunities for collaboration and constant communication.

Event Planning Steps:

The key steps in planning an event:

Step 1: Vision Board and Pinterest Collaboration

First thing first, we share a Pinterest board for visual collaboration with our clients.  

Step 2: Setting up a Google Drive for Document Sharing and Regular Meetings

Using Google Drive, we share documents. In addition, we host bi-weekly meetings and conduct multiple site inspections with our clients.  

Step 3: Finding a Unique Location

In an empty Train Station with 20,000 square feet of available event space, we designed and custom-built our own Manor House to hold the Ball.  

Step 4: Securing Vendors and Community Connections

Having a great relationship with vendors and connections is essential when planning events, in terms of products, services, locations, etc.    

Step 5: Implementing Award-Winning Event Design  

And of course, our sparkle to make your event stand out and make it an award-winning one!  

Event Décor and Design:  

We turned an empty train station into a grand manor house, complete with champagne crushed velvet drapes, luxurious furnishings, and a mezzanine lounge.  

Event Plan Activities and Entertainment:  

Entertainment included Gold Angels offering champagne, a Black and White Portrait Studio, casino teaching tables, a live ice carving demonstration, and interactive activities like the Family Tree Game. These activities were designed to encourage socializing and networking.  

Evaluating Event Success:  

The event’s success was reflected in its high ROI and later recognition as the BEST EVENT PRODUCED FOR A CORPORATION Esprit Award. 

In Conclusion:  

Each event is unique and one-of-a-kind, and we are here to make your visions come true. Follow our personalized guide to hosting a memorable event.  

Looking for an award-winning corporate Event Producer? Bright Ideas has a customized and collaborative approach,as one of Canada’s leading event production companies. Call us today for a free customized quotation.

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