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At Bright Ideas we believe having a collaborative approach to event design is important. We pride ourselves in creating an open and collaborative environment for our clients as well as highlight the importance of community and a professional vendor network.

Collaborative Approach To Event Design

When working with our clients we take a number of different steps to ensure there are opportunities for collaboration and communication.

First thing first, we share a Pinterest board for visual collaboration with our clients. This allows us to create an event design that is in alignment with our vision and understand what concepts and themes are desired for the event. From there, we share a Google drive folder that is our base for document sharing. We engage our clients in bi- weekly meetings and attend multiple site inspections together to round out our collaborative approach.

The Importance of Community

For us at Bright Ideas it is important that we lean on our incredible community of vendors for a truly successful event design. By doing so, they begin to feel like an extension of our team since we have worked together for so many years. We work with multi-award-winning companies and rely on event professionals who are experts at what they do. Most event professionals in our community belong to ILEA (International Live Event Association) and are actively involved.

By relying on event professionals who are the top in the industry and in our community we are able to provide our clients with a world-class event design and planning experience.

An Award Winning Event Design

One event that we’d like to highlight that is a true example of how we approach planning collaboratively is the Norland Black & White Ball

For this event, we assembled a team of veteran event professionals to deliver an event design that had never been done before. We built a second-floor mezzanine in an empty train station in Vancouver, BC. A unique event such as this required safety, security, permitting, decor, and structure to be built so, we worked with the best in the industry.

Thanks to the expertise of the skilled event professionals that we worked with this award-winning event blew our clients and their guests away. 

If you are looking to plan an award-winning corporate event Bright Ideas is there for you! We want to help you bring your dream event design to life with our unique and collaborative approach with the best event professionals in the event industry. Contact us today to learn how we can make your next corporate event award-winning worthy!

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