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As warm weather approaches and in-person events become more common, you might consider your company’s summer event options. Planning and preparing for your work summer party can be daunting, with many aspects to consider to ensure it’s a hit. Throughout our 34 years of experience planning corporate summer events, we have identified seven key things to consider when planning your next office summer party.

Seven Important Things To Consider When Planning Your Office Summer Party

1. Location

Choose a good, central location with transit nearby so that access to your office summer party isn’t an issue. If the space is public, ensure there are washrooms close by, free parking, and good signage so that guests don’t get lost on their way. Picnic shelters onsite are a bonus if the weather turns against you, and having some privacy from the uninvited public is also essential.

2. Theme Ideas

A theme for your company’s summer party is the best way to bring your guests together. We recommend tying in the food, activities, entertainment, music and even contests to this theme. A popular way to choose a compelling theme is to take an in-office survey and ask your guests what they would enjoy.

3. Activities

Create the activities to tie in with the theme for maximum guest participation. For example, team scavenger hunts are always popular with guests and can be easily tied into the event theme. Other childhood activities like water balloon toss, egg on a spoon, and tug of war rope can be popular. Don’t forget to offer swag and giveaways that can be used at the picnic/bbq – reusable water bottles, branded beach balls, and Frisbees.

4. Entertainment

As with the activities, it is always most effective if you choose entertainment connected to your summer party theme. But, again, consider your audience when selecting your entertainment and ensure that it suits all ages of your audience.

5. Food

Food stations are the best option to keep guests mingling and having fun, but if you go with a buffet, dress up the buffet station to match the theme. You can include themed choices on your menu or include activities to make interactive themed food stations.

6. Shareable Moments

Ensure your office summer party is never forgotten by encouraging guests to share the moments they enjoyed on social media. For example, you can motivate Instagram moments by hosting costume contests, themed photo frames, or photo booths.

7. Weather

It is always recommended to plan for all weather possibilities by booking a tent or an event space with a structure that can protect from rain and sunshine. 

Our Top 3 Favourite Themes For Your Office Summer Party

1. Tropical Paradise

2. Gardening Green Picnic

3. High Tea at Ascot

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