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Start Now for Holiday Event Excellence

Summer isn’t over, but believe it or not, it’s the time of the year to start organizing your Christmas party. The holiday season is fast approaching. If you want to host an event that motivates and inspires your staff, you need to you need to start planning now! It doesn’t matter if this is your 50th office celebration, or the first, one thing is certain – you need to make it memorable. Creating unique, crowd-pleasing events has been Bright Ideas’ mission for the past 25 years. Here’s some key factors for success we’ve learned in that time.

Bored guests waiting for their turkey dinner and then leaving right after dessert is a major event fail. To plan a winning event, make sure you start off right – by choosing a theme and steadily building anticipation as the date approaches. You can build up excitement prior to the event date by holding themed contests beforehand, creating an online space to post information, and generating excitement with regular updates.



Don’t forget to make your event interactive. This is a sure-fire way to get guests to mingle and socialize. Have an agenda offering a range of fun activities encouraging mixing, mingling, and communication. Team-building activities are a great way to get people talking. The best type of team-building activity is unstructured. We usually recommend activities where guests are placed on a team at the start of the event, branch off individually throughout the event, and then regroup at the end. This combination gives guests the sense of working/playing as a team, with enough autonomy to “do their own thing” as well.


Some of the most successful and fun events we have produced over the last 25 years included creativity. If the creative activity comes with a prize, it is even more appreciated.  A perfect example is Bright Ideas’ PartyHats. Your guests become creative hat makers; decorating colourful hats with all sorts of fantastic trimmings such as feathers, beads, flowers, etc. The fun and excitement continues as they wear the hats throughout the event, participate in a hat parade, and then get to take them home as a souvenir. This activity has proven to be a winner in our experience, regardless of age, gender, or occupation. With no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to create a Bright Ideas’ PartyHat, it’s a great way to let your guests get creative and build a festive mood.

With over 25 years of Event Production Experience, Bright Ideas Events has a plethora of event designs and themes. Call today or Request A Quote to make your Holiday Event the best one yet!

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