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Our client wanted a tropical twist with a chance to incorporate team building into the evening. Bright Ideas Events came up with a combination of a Hawaiian theme, along with Survivor-style team competitions, creating a fun-filled evening that strengthened the bonds of camaraderie between co-workers. We even went one step further, opting for a beautiful evening cruise in Vancouver harbor, a more fitting venue for a Polynesian adventure than a downtown hotel ballroom. The result was Tropical Teamwork – a delightful evening of friendly competition and beautiful scenery – a welcome mini-vacation on a cold winter night.


Team building events are challenging territory for event planners. It’s crucial to find the right balance between competition and camaraderie. The various elements need to reward all kinds of skill sets, rather than be strictly a question of who’s the most athletic or has the best knowledge of trivia. It’s also important not to lose sight of an important goal: having fun and enjoying the experience. And while there’s often a ‘winner’ declared at the end of the event, every participant must feel they’ve contributed to the outcome and gained a new appreciation for co-workers.

The excitement started dockside, as guests boarded water taxis for their trip on Water. Greeted by Bright Ideas staff in Hawaiian shirts, each guest was given a name tag and assigned to one of eight ‘tribes’ for the evening. A colour theme of green, red, black, and white along with Survivor-style signage recreated the look of the popular TV show, with Polynesian décor, palm trees, tribal masks, and bamboo accents, and a life-size cut-out of Mr. Survivor himself, Jeff Probst, helping set the mood. But, unlike the ‘real’ Survivor, food was not in short supply! Wait staff circulated with hors d’oeuvres as the guests gathered into their tribes and got to know each other.

At the stern of the ship, the dining area featured green and white table coverings, and a unique centrepiece featuring a carved pineapple vase, tropical flowers, sea shells, and cane sugar ‘sand’ to build on the tropical beach feel. While guests were still seated at their tables, a Polynesian dance show kicked off the evening’s entertainment. Next, the event MC, (a Jeff Probst look-alike) took to the stage for the announcement everyone was waiting for – “Let the Games Begin!”

Bright Ideas created nine different contests, each highlighting a different skill or expertise, so that everyone at the event had a chance to showcase their skills to their tribe. We finished with a twist that truly required teamwork. Each tribe member had to take turns digging for buried treasure under a blanket of brown sugar sand. Did we mention the blindfolds and the chopsticks? Team-building was a crucial aspect of this final leg of the competition. Without good direction from teammates, there was no way to win. It proved to be an absolute hit, with good-natured laughter the soundtrack to each unsuccessful attempt, and loud cheers the reward for success.


Time now to tally the scores and hand out the prizes. Our MC rang the giant gong, summoning all back to the dining area. The top tribes claimed their just rewards but everyone could claim a share of the winning combination of teamwork and success. At the event’s close, everyone received a small Survivor gift as they left the event, and water taxis ferried them back to the dock.

Our client reported that employees were still talking about the fun they had long into the New Year, surely a sign that Bright Ideas delivered on the goal of creating a closer bond of team spirit between employees.

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