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Measuring and reducing a carbon footprint can be difficult, especially in the Event industry. There are the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the travel of the attendees, whether it’s by car or plane. Other than that, there are also emissions involved with their hotel stays, electricity, catering, etc.

However, that doesn’t mean that zero carbon footprint Events are impossible to organize, even when it comes to big Events. It gives you an opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, which is usually the starting point.

Let’s have a closer look at zero carbon footprint events and why it’s essential for the Event industry to go green.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

When organizing any Event, most of the greenhouse gas emissions will come from transportation. Unfortunately, that can’t be avoided entirely, as it’s unrealistic to expect attendees to arrive on foot or via a green vehicle like a bicycle. More often than not, a big Event means the attendees will have to catch a flight, then get to a hotel and attend the Event the next day. That’s a lot of transportation that Event organizers need to think about reducing.

One way of reducing your footprint is opting for an accessible location for the venue, which can mean a multitude of things. Likely the best option for minimizing transportation is ensuring that the site is close to necessary amenities such as restaurants, or by encouraging group transportation, especially if the venue is close to the airport.

It’s also important to pick a venue that’s already making an effort to be more sustainable, whether that’s by providing recycling or by being ecologically aware in other ways. For example, serving meals that have a lower carbon impact, such as vegetarian options or less carbon-high meats like chicken may not seem like much, but it can amount to a lot.

Offsetting the Carbon Footprint

Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions is generally not feasible when organizing huge Events that aren’t local and sustainable. In that case, Event organizers will aim to purchase carbon offsets to counter the impact of the Event’s greenhouse gas emissions. The idea behind it is that while the Event will still have a carbon footprint, it will provide funds to create a positive impact elsewhere, and offset it that way.

Purchasing carbon offsets can be covered by a sponsor, built into the registration fee or be an optional fee in the registration form. It is a great way that organizers of sizable Events can ensure that the affair has zero impact on the environment overall. It also helps projects that have a carbon benefit to get off the ground and get completed, which ultimately benefits the planet.

Every industry should strive to become greener and contribute as much as it can to keeping our planet alive. The Event industry is no exception, which is why there has been such an emphasis on ensuring that Events reduce or offset their carbon footprint.

It’s possible to have a fantastic Event without harmful greenhouse gas emissions making a negative impact on the environment. If you need help making your next Event greener, we’ll be happy to assist you with our GREEN Event planning expertise.

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