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It’s almost Summer and the next thing right around the corner is Canada Day!  Kids are getting excited for the fireworks and parents are looking for a safe and fun place to take them.

Bright Ideas is going to light your sparklers of excitement and enthusiasm as we help you plan your very own event for these fun-thirsty families, and take you through what could be your next corporate Canada Day Celebration! Canada Day is possibly one of the best days of the year to host a promotional event for several reasons:

Celebrate Canada’s Birthday!

It’s already a public holiday so the public, especially those with young children, have a day free; those families are already looking for a place to spend a little money on some family-friendly fun; hosting an event on Canada Days shows your Pride of Nation, which goes a long way with shoppers these days; and, it’s the only time of year when you can be almost guaranteed to have people show up in their hundreds with the right advertizing.  So, half of the promotional battle is already done for you, just by hosting your event on Canada Day.

We are likely on the same page when we think about the fun we used to have as children on the Canada Day Fair Grounds.  There was the cotton candy, the Midway games, the petting zoo, and the rides!  Oh the rides!  The only dilemma was trying to figure out which one to run to first!

But those traditional activities are only the beginning of your Canada Day Celebration!  Let’s amp up the fun factor and really get your inspiration sparkler twinkling by hosting Go-Kart racing heats, scheduled by categories, like Girls under 7, Men 50+, etc.  The winners of each heat are recorded and continue to the next level until, at the end of the day, you’re handing out company-emblazoned trophies to the Champions of each category!  Talk about a press-worthy photo op!

Step Right Up

And why not have all the performers who are not currently up on the Main Stage roam through the crowds?  This will act as a kind of Showbill, ensuring that guests never miss a thing, especially the act of a particular roaming performer they got really excited about!

Bright Ideas can even help you incorporate an activity for a little team building or friendly rivalry.  We’ll install a four-sided Rocking climbing wall, so teams of four have to work together to beat all of the competition.  And just think of all those free promotional images all over social media of the climbers as they claim their victory by slapping their hands on your giant company logo standing proudly at the top of the challenge!

Your sparkler is likely crackling away now with excitement  as you imagine all of the fun you can bring to your guests.  But you’re wondering where an event of this magnitude will fit!  Bright Ideas has that solution, too: your company parking lot!  Or, if you don’t have one, a nearby green space.  Bright Ideas can do incredible things with that kind of space.  But a well laid-out event is the key to accessing all of the promotional potential of your Canada Day Celebration.

Celebrate in Style

And Bright Ideas will squeeze every last drop of promotional potential out of each Celebration element.  From the kid feeding the pot-bellied pig that’s wearing a company hat, to an air brush tattoo station incorporating your logo in all designs, and to images of those Go-Kart Champions holding your company trophies high being featured in the Community News section of the local newspapers the following week, we’ll make sure you get every mile out of your investment.  We’ll even custom-design the brochure route map of the Fair Grounds to be covered in your company slogans and emblems so when your guests take them home, they’ll be reminded of what a great time they had at your event.

So turn those idea sparklers into bona fide fireworks!  Whether you want to show your appreciation to your staff for their continued dedication to your company, or thank your public or their continued loyalty in your product or services, call Bright Ideas now to plan your very own company Canada Day Celebration and take advantage of the perfect day in the whole year to host a super fun promotional event!


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