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Successful events start out with clearly defined objectives. They also measure the results. With budgets as tight as ever, you need to be able to support your decision to host a corporate event – with measurable outcomes showing a return on your special event budget. We recommend our clients have 1 to 3 objectives for their event. Usually they are centered on outcomes such as increasing sales or customers, but you can also define non-monetary targets such as product knowledge, or public outreach. We work with our clients to determine their objectives, create ways to measure those goals, and engage and debrief afterwards to assess the results. For Delta Cable, a local cable company with the goal of telling their subscribers about the latest high definition and cable TV packages, we used the event to help the company launch a number of initiatives.

“All our event objectives were met,” said Tannis Goodfellow, Delta Cable’s Marketing Manager. “And in many cases, we exceeded our objectives.”

Great corporate events require experience and industry knowledge. It can be time-consuming work. Recently we helped a client with venue selection. By the time we had short-listed a number of venues, provided a rundown of the pros and cons of each location, and went on site visits to the short listed spaces, the process had taken 40 hours! It is a full-time job to arrange even a medium-sized corporate event. Expecting staff to handle events in addition to their regular duties sometimes just stresses them out. We believe it’s just as cost-effective to hire a professional. We invite you to visit our website, take a look at some of our previous events and contact us for a no-obligation estimate.

Take It Outside!

It’s the time of year coming up when you may be considering an outdoor event like our Gardening Green Picnic. Here are the key factors to consider:

Is there a covered picnic area or sheltered space? You may need tents or other portable shelters. And is there public transit to your location?

What activities have you planned? It’s not enough to just provide food. Speaking of which, how do you handle catering and cooking? Do you want to serve alcohol? Regional and municipal parks have restrictions. You may need a private venue for your type of event.

Are there other events going on at the same time? Don’t let your event be disrupted by a festival or other large scale event. With so many events taking place over the summer, you want to ensure your event at a local park won’t be interrupted by a fun run or festival scheduled for the same time or place.

Staff Event Pick of the Month: Li-Sun Goh

My favourite event at Bright Ideas would have to be the Oktoberfest Celebration. All the female staff members were dressed up as beer girls and 2 men in Lederhosen, greeted every guest as they all came in. It was such a fun night that started out with a German beer tasting station that followed a yummy German meal and entertainment by dancers! The room was setup with long tables and benches and a huge ribbon ring that was suspended in the middle of the room that was incredible. Traditional Oktoberfest songs were sung and everyone had such a great time. It was a true Oktoberfest in Vancouver!”

Oktoberfest Celebration photo gallery.

Ask An Event Planner

What are realistic Event Objectives?
Every event is different, but some typical goals you can set for a corporate event are to increase sales, build employee loyalty, gain exposure for your company, or expand your customer’s product knowledge.

How important is ROI?

When you are investing money into a corporate event, a measurable outcome is a crucial part of the puzzle. At Bright Ideas we begin every event plan with a clear understanding of our client’s objectives for their event. This gives us the key to its success.

How do you measure the ROI?

We often use activities and contests within our events to measure and track participation in key areas. Interactive elements and unique activities deliver results for team-building, product knowledge, and participant tracking.

Top 3 February To-Do List: Plan Ahead

It’s time to open you calendar and create a plan for the year ahead. If you need help prioritizing your event calendar try our event consultation service. We’ll help you build a to-do list with preliminary costs, so you can decide how to allocate your time and budget for event coordination services.

Booking Your Xmas Venue

The most popular venues are already booking up. We have been busy throughout Jan and Feb booking space for our established clients. Securing a preferred venue requires an early start. We have some unique venues you may not have considered so give us a call at 604.303.7707 and we would be happy to share our “Bright Ideas” with you. Contact Page

Planning a Client Appreciation Event

A great way to build relationships with existing clients and help new clients understand your organization. Exposing your clients to additional products or services they aren’t sourcing from your company can add value to their account.

See our Five Decades of Fun client appreciation event.

Summer Staff Event

A fresh look for your venue. New activities for your summer staff event. Bright Ideas beats the summertime blues with custom elements for every event. Guests appreciate your hospitality even more when it’s in a setting perfect for the occasion. Let us suggest some ideas for this summer.

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