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We Won

We are so happy to have won a 2022 CSE Award for our Virtual Tropical Corporate Retreat.

About the Event

We were contacted by a law firm’s Director of HR who was looking for some creative and technical support to produce a virtual retreat for their team.  This discerning group was accustomed to attending these retreats in person at top tier resorts with excellent food and beverage.  They were very driven professionals who would rather be working and generating billable hours than attending a mandated retreat, much less a virtual one. This group needed to be kept engaged and focused with things to challenge them and encourage them to connect with each other. 

After a year of working remotely, the team was isolated, disconnected and Zoomed-out.  Leadership knew that the team needed to come together and have some positive shared experiences but they were really reluctant to mandate more screen time for a virtual retreat.  The experience had to be fun, visual and engaging.  There had to be tangible elements, great food and some aspect of competition because this group was highly competitive …in a good way.

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To read more about this event, read our Case Study.

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