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Here at Bright Ideas Events, we must be clairvoyant! We have seen the future and we are clearly in fashion. The 2015 color of the year, according to Pantone – the company that is the go-to authority on color matching, is a deep rich shade of burgundy called ‘Marsala’ It also just happens to be Bright Ideas’ corporate colour!

We are ecstatic to incorporate our favorite color into our upcoming events and designs for 2015. Here’s how you can use ‘Marsala’ to create or change the entire mood of a room, or display a spread of food so enticing you’ll have to drag your guests away!

Create a Mood

Marsala on its own is a deeply satisfying colour. The impact of this tasteful hue increases however, when used in an event décor plan as a texture or accent colour. For example, place this tone as a throw pillow with a contrasting embroidery pattern against a charcoal sofa during your reception, or as a damask overlay over cream table linens during your dinner. It’s stunning as a floral centerpiece in pewter or pounded silver vases at the registration or guest tables. Your tables and seating may already look comfortable, but as soon as you place something in the Marsala shade against it, you immediately transforme the area into something warmer – softer, more comfortable, more inviting, more polished.

And just wait until you start pairing this shade of burgundy with other tones! Because of its rich colour composition, it can be paired with just about any other colour – to create completely different moods. Pair it with a soft pink for a romantic mood. Teal or turquoise delivers invigoration and energy. Marsala accented with black or deep greys gives any space a formal, even regal atmosphere.

Create a Craving

And let’s not forget to mention the vast variety of options when it comes to food and beverage. According to psychologist Walter Graff, “colour has an incredible effect on your mood, your perception, and your likes and dislikes,” meaning you might like or hate a food item or drink just by your response to its colour. Marsala is a shade that balances well with hearty foods and beverages, such as perfectly ripe red berries, full-bodied wines like an Australian Malbec, warm confections such as red velvet cake muffins, and meats like medium rack of lamb. Is your mouth watering yet?

Clearly, Marsala is a great choice if you want to attract positive attention. By using Marsala and other deep shades of Burgundy, you can manage and shape perceptions. It can make food and drink seem even more appetizing and fulfilling, direct the mood of a room by pairing it with another color, and generate interest in whatever it is that you’re displaying. Be it furniture, food, or fashion – by tastefully featuring Marsala you can leverage the color of year to help create a memorable event!

Another thing you can leverage for great corporate events is the skill and experience of Bright Ideas. Please call or request a no-obligation quote when you are ready to plan your next event. Even if we don’t end up using the color of the year… when you choose Bright Ideas, there’s a very good chance your guests remember your event as the party of the year!


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