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Bright Ideas Event Coordinators knows the challenges when it comes to hosting conventions and corporate events. Jam-packed event schedules, multiple commitments, countless dinners, and lots of sitting and listening for the guests. We see our clients struggle with it every day, looking for ways to keep attendees motivated and entertained.

Below are three Bright Ideas to put the FUN back into your next corporate event, be it a meeting or social event. You might be surprised by the impact of incorporating just one or two of our tips. Including all three suggestions is a sure-fire template for success!



Some of the most successful and FUN events we have produced over the last 25 years included creativity. If the creative activity came with a prize, it was even more appreciated! A perfect example of creative activity that guarantees fun is Bright Ideas’ PartyHats. Your guests become creative hat makers; decorating colourful hats with all sorts of fantastic trimmings such as feathers, beads, flowers, etc. The fun and excitement continues as they wear the hats throughout the event, participate in a hat parade, and then take them home as a souvenir. This activity is great fun for any event, regardless of age, gender, or occupation. With no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to create a PartyHat, it’s a great way to get your team using the lateral thinking skills that foster innovation.

Another successful creative activity is the “Community Canvas”. Guests are encouraged to paint a square on a giant canvas. Painting alongside your boss or colleague can break the ice and allows one and all to connect on another level. Painting and drawing for the pure fun of it is something that many people haven’t done since they were children, but the benefits to the brain are well documented. And, once the tape is removed the combined creative results are invariably magnifico!


We are all big kids at heart. When it comes to events, why not give your guests an opportunity to play? For corporate meetings and conferences we suggest setting up a few ping-pong tables and arcade games (old fashioned and virtual) and let your guests run wild. Give them a punch card and hand out prizes when they have tried all of the activity stations. You can also include passive activity stations such as a Caricaturist, CD Recording Booth, LED Shuffleboard, and Social Media Video Booths. Guests can visit these stations at their leisure and play as long as they like.

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Actors, magicians or comedians are a MUST at your next event. When they are strolling throughout the crowd and entertaining a few guests at a time, they are spreading the laughter and fun. Have them interact with the guests and pose for Polaroid photos. Guests will have to join in the laughter!
The most effective way to utilize these entertainers is to give them small gifts that they can award to guests if they guess something correctly. Everyone loves to win a prize or a freebie, so a small, branded freebie brings a smile to their face and enhances your profile.

Movement, Creativity, Fun. They are the magic formula for a memorable event. Add in a skilled event planner and you will be delighted with the return on your investment and glad you hired a professional – to manage the myriad details that make the difference between O-K and outstanding!

Regardless of the size of the budget or the number of guests, our goal is always the same: satisfied clients and events you’ll be proud to host. To get an even better idea of what we do, check out the Portfolio Section of our website. If you’re already convinced Bright Ideas might be the right choice for your next event, please give us a call at 604.303.7707 or Request a Quote. We are waiting to share our “Bright Ideas” with you!

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