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Holiday parties for a corporate setting aren’t easy to innovate, which is why many employees tend to skip them. After all, what is the point of attending a holiday party that’s the same every year — or even worse, the same as every other corporate holiday party out there?

However, not all holiday themes have been overdone to death, and creativity is still possible. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of our best holiday parties that have all won awards for their creativity and uniqueness:

The Black & White Ball

The Black & White Ball was a celebration of NorLand Limited’s 30th Anniversary of ownership. We made it unique by holding the event in an empty train station, using its 20,000 square feet to create a breathtaking event space. Black and white decorations with gold accents and a grand staircase leading to an upper floor brought the Gone with the Wind feel and made the event truly memorable.

A Christmas Carol Celebration

What the client wants, we deliver — and in this case, it was a Christmas event with a stunning customized European Village made to resemble the setting of A Christmas Carol movie.

Realistic-looking shops, a courtyard with a three-tiered fountain, beautiful lamp posts and benches were the backdrop for this Holiday Staff Party.

The 1920’s Soiree

The ‘20s is a great decade for incorporating into event themes due to the air of sophistication and luxury that it can add to a holiday party.

The 1920’s Soiree Christmas staff event that we organized was innovative in both the décor and the entertainment department, providing an unforgettable and colorful experience for the guests.

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World was a Staff Appreciation Event in which we drove up employee attendance with pre-party promotion among the staff.

We promised them all the classic elements of a Christmas party but also delivered elements celebrating travel and encouraging participation from attendees to fit our client’s motto perfectly.

Winter Wonderland

A Christmas Holiday event celebrating the beauty of a cold, snowy winter provides amazing décor innovating opportunities.

For Winter Wonderland, we used sparkling white trees, gobo lighting with a snowflake design, as well as falling snow and ice decorations to create a show-stopping winter setting.

Viva Las Vegas

Any event that gets the attendees to participate and have a lot of fun is going to be a hit. That’s what we set out to accomplish with Viva Las Vegas, an event where attendees were split into teams named after famous Las Vegas hotels.

Gambling and competitions lasted all night until the winner was crowned, all in a casino-style setting.

As you can see, it’s possible to have a great corporate holiday party if you hire the right event planners. Professionals know how to innovate themes and create unique events that are the perfect fit for your company and vision. And what’s better than having an event that is so good it ends up being award-winning?

If you need help planning your next corporate holiday event and want it to be award-winning, feel free to contact Bright Ideas Events. We’ll be happy to offer our expertise at your service.


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