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So you want your next corporate event to be big.  You want it to be over the top.  You want it to be a celebration of everything that’s big and over the top.  We think you want your next event to be a Big Top Celebration!

And then you start doing the research and learn how much it costs to rent an actual big top tent.  And find out how many permits you need to include a show with live animals.  And, my gosh, which contortionist act should you pick?!?

Achieving a high-end circus theme is not easy but it’s also not all smoke and mirrors.  This week, Bright Ideas is going to share some of its cost-saving ideas to bring a Big Top Celebration theme back into your budget range.

Venue: You can’t set up a giant tent in a parking lot, unfortunately.  But you can, with a bit of creative design and flare, make any high-ceilinged room feel like it’s right under the centre post.  Choosing hues that match your colour scheme, drape long lengths of luxurious fabrics from the centre of your room toward the edges.  This will not only emulate that Big Top tent, but it will bring the attention of your guests down to the amazing things you’ve planned for them by draping them in luscious low lighting tinted by the colours of the fabrics you chose.  Bright Ideas always recommends getting a professional to combine the textures of the fabrics and to drape them, because they know what they’re doing.  Draping can very quickly go from gorgeous and sensual in your imagination to tacky and gaudy if you try to do it yourself when you’ve never done it before.

Main Attraction: You’ve come across another restriction –  no live animals in your venue.  But what’s a circus without animals?  Not to worry, Bright Ideas has an awesome answer for you there, too.  Vancouver, being a movie town, is just filled with professional make-up artists who use all the latest tools and techniques to turn any regular Joe into a zombie or an alien, or a….you guessed it…an animal!  Hire models that are enthusiastic about getting a double coat of latex all over and turn them into your wildlife attraction!  But remember: they will need to act the animal all night, so ask them during the interview, “If you were a wild animal, which animal would you be?”

Sideshow: There is so much talent to choose from in Vancouver.  Contortionists.  Stilt Walkers.  Multi-talented Clowns.  Mind Magicians.  All of these are great options, just keep in mind your venue and any restrictions it might offer to these particular acts.  Bright Ideas always approaches this challenge with an eye for the creative making sure to impresses and surprise our guests.  So we recommend going retro: fire jugglers, the Tallest Man in the World, or why not the Bearded Lady?  A cross between a man and a woman has always captured the minds and attention of circus-goings around the world and at your event will create the perfect memory-making photo op.

Using the same body artist who created the ‘live animals,’ turn a willing model into that classic sideshow hit and everyone will be clamouring for a look, a guess, and a picture!

Check out the photo gallery showcasing our latest Big Top Celebration on our website.  You’ll see many more subtle and cost-effective ways that we brought the magic of the Big Top to this indoor event.  Look in particular for the purple horse that Bright Ideas had custom made to remind guests of a traditional carousel and all the high-end dessert foods inspired by and named after classic midway fair.

A Big Top Celebration is completely achievable in any budget, and an industry expert like Bright Ideas Events can help you navigate the financial smoke and mirrors to get that perfect event in your imagination!


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