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Event planning might be one of the few industries where staying on track with current trends is extremely important. However, it is also an industry where looking ahead into what is coming can make the difference between a successful business and a failed enterprise.

There are several significant trends to look out for in the coming years which will undoubtedly become more refined as technology progresses. One thing that is also changing is the mindset of both attendees and event planners, which causes a shift in priorities when it comes to event organization.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the major trends we predict will be relevant in 2020:

Using More Data and Technology

Doing any business nowadays anywhere is impossible to imagine without data. Even in the event industry, it’s taking center stage, especially in the decision-making process. Tracking and gathering information from previous events is proving to be valuable when deciding how to run the next one.

The same goes for the use of technology, both for organizing an event as well as incorporating more tech tools into it. For example, Virtual Reality and gamification of events, in general, is a trend that will likely continue to expand, as it has multiple positive influences on the quality of the event itself.

Gamification adds an element of competition through learning to the atmosphere of an event. On the other hand, VR does wonders to expand the possibilities an event planner has during organization to engage an attendee in new ways.

Changing Event Venue Priorities

When it comes to venues, priorities are shifting towards non-standard choices and innovation. With the event story becoming more critical for the success of an event, anything that can enhance it organically is a welcome change. It is why we expect that unusual and creative venues are going to be one of the main trends in the event industry in the coming years.

But what does it mean to innovate and be unusual? It’s mostly a shift in the event marketing both pre-event and during the actual event.  Locations are chosen based on what they can offer, even outside of the scope of the event itself, especially for business events. Keeping the healthy work/life balance and ensuring that your event includes the newest event trends is one of the ways to enhance the attendee experience.

Improving Engagement and Reach of Events

With technology and social media playing such a large part in the event industry, it’s going to be essential to ensure an increase in engagement and event reach. The expectations of attendees are moving more towards personalized content that is highly engaging. These expectations are mostly due to the more widespread use of data that improve audience targeting in virtually every aspect of everyday life.

Technology is also making a significant impact on the reach of events, with live streaming so more people can take part. Global reach is going to become more rewarding for online attendees with the use of VR, AI, chatbots and other tech innovations that make the event more interesting.

The Event industry is being rapidly changed by the onset of new technologies and the emphasis on sustainability and more relaxing interactions are key areas to pay attention to. It’s safe to predict that the way event planning will evolve going forward is going to be greatly influenced by these trends.

If you need inspiration or help to organize your next innovative and creative event, get in touch with us at Bright Ideas Events and we will work with you to design an engaging technological event.


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