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There was music from my neighbor’s house through the summer nights. In his blue gardens, men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.F. Scott Fitzgerald

Oh, boy! Don’t 1920s sound amazing! Parties during the Roaring Twenties remain some of the most sensational, spectacular, over-the-top parties in history.  The period when anything and everything seemed possible focused on celebrating life, liberating your post-war spirit from depression and embracing freedom in all its glory.

Today is no different. People still want to have a great time and mark special occasions with fabulous parties that leave everyone breathless. And with the endless possibilities of the modern age, it’s easy to step back in time and the pages of the 1925 novel to pay respect to one of the best parties in the world – The Great Gatsby Celebration.

But what makes it such a marvelous event? Roll out the red carpet and find out what makes The Great Gatsby theme a party you need need to experience for yourself.

The Venue

It’s 1922, and Nick Carraway just arrived at Long Island, only to discover the people there partying from dusk till dawn. None more so than his neighbor Gatsby who is traveling from the colossal shindig at his mansion to the more intimate soiree at the Plaza Hotel.

To recreate this moment, the Great Gatsby Celebration venue is divided into two distinct areas. A red carpet leads the guests into a ballroom straight from the Roaring Twenties, complete with red feather vignettes, silver

candelabras, velvet drapes and black boas, while a swing band plays its 20s tunes in the background.

At the other end of the room, stands a brick wall. Give the secret password, and you enter a more intimate, yet still lively and original Speakeasy. As you enter the room, you can almost spot Hemingway sipping whiskey at the bar, Fitzgerald holding a glass of champagne, talking to T.S.Eliot and Gertrude Stein who just landed from Paris. Everything’s whimsical, important and just the way you’d envisioned it.

Elegant Costumes

In the spirit of the era, there is a dress code in place. Men wear mobster-style striped suits, gangster tuxedo shoes, and hats, or the classic black tie costume complete with a 1920s hairstyle.

Women, finally free of the corsets that made their ribs crack and their spirits suffocate, grace the room in their flapper style dresses. They are charming, they are seductive, and they’re finally letting their inner sensuality flow uninterrupted. High heels, feathered headpieces, elegant sleeveless flapper dresses and gloves are all the rage during Gatsby’s time.

Swinging Activities

As you enter the event, you are greeted by the smooth sound of swing – one part of the soundtrack playing at this party. The dance floor is ready for anyone with a spring in their step.

At the Speakeasy, it’s all about jazz. But it’s also about experiencing the illegal drinks and underground casino gambling that made places like these the epicenter for Al Capone, John Dillinger, Lucky Luciano, and other famous gangsters. You’ll need a Tommy Gun before you enter this joint.


Luxurious Delights

Finally, the food and drinks are as luxurious as their era. Champagne, martinis, gin-tonic, and other alcoholic delights are served to enjoy at your own responsibility.

Why? Well, you never know when a few undercover coppers could burst into the event to check for illegal alcohol consumption and send a few of the (un)lucky ones behind bars (wink wink).

Embrace the 1920s Glory

At Bright Ideas Event Management, we specialize in throwing unforgettable themed parties you’ll talk about for years.

Contact us, and let us help you create an event that turns your favorite time periods, ideas, history eras into real-time thrills!


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