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Team Building

Teams do not simply self-form, just like a group of people does not make up a team. Think about the difference between a team and a crowd at a sporting event. The crowd is noisy, sometimes at odds, and has different motivations depending on which team they cheer for or how much they care. However, the team playing the game works together towards a common goal. 

Below are the five conditions that a successful team should strive for: 

  1. Trust in each other
  2. Communication 
  3. Ability to work together
  4. Resolve any conflicts that arise
  5. Recognizing and relying on the skills of each team member

Being proactive about team building and maintaining connections is crucial, primarily as more people work remotely. Below we have listed eight fun team-building activities to keep your team connected and on the same path in virtual, hybrid or in-person event settings. 

Parade of Homes

Some groups use a “parade of homes” (or gardens/offices) to let people see where they live. 

Virtual / Hybrid 

You could set aside a day where everyone takes a turn giving a virtual tour of their home or assign one person per meeting. However, do not force anyone to participate if they appear unwilling, as some people may not feel comfortable revealing their homes.


At the office or an event, have team members bring photos of their home improvements or yards and offer prizes for those with the best home/yard. This team-building idea is an excellent way to support team members on renovation projects at home. 

Show And Tell

Show and tell time was the highlight of the school week for many people. When it was time for show and tell, you had all the attention on you and a chance to share something you cared about and show off your knowledge or experience.

Virtual / Hybrid 

Some team members may have hobbies, art, or pets that they would love to share. Virtual team building games like ‘Parade of Home’s and ‘Show and Tell’ probably work best when you have one person featured each week before an online meeting.


Like at school, each team member could stand at the front of the room and talk about how their contribution to the team project is essential.

Thinking Out Of The Box

Online meetings can start slow (and painful, frankly), so virtual team building icebreakers can be a real help.

Virtual / Hybrid 

Share a riddle, puzzle, or lateral-thinking question with your team, and encourage them to respond within a set amount of time. Talk about the answers and how they arrived there. There may be debate among them as to which is the best answer. 


Icebreakers are the best way to get team members talking and interacting in person. Create a bingo card with team questions instead of numbers that encourage team members to network. The first team to have a blackout is the winner. 


Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt that your team can do where they are. It may be something as basic as a document listing the items or actions you want them to find/do, or you could use something like Goosechase.com to set up a more elaborate approach. 

Virtual / Hybrid 

Variations may include creating virtual “teams” who can work together to complete the list. This team-building idea is better for larger groups as it is more manageable for you. A hybrid feature could have some people online find items virtually, and other people at the events find the other things in person. 


Themed scavenger hunts are always a great idea and are more successful in small groups to search for a few items each. Add a level of creative interpretation to the list so that the teams have a chance to be innovative and score points for innovation. 

Quiz Time

Whether you choose to use an app like QuizBreaker or set up something much more straightforward, you can start your meeting or event with a fun quiz. This team-building idea works particularly well for Zoom team building because it loosens people and gets them laughing and talking.

Virtual / Hybrid 

You can form small teams out of larger groups where individual scores are added to the team tally to compete for a larger prize or bragging rights. 


Team games like Family Feud, Trivia, Charades, etc., are much better played in person. Therefore, it is best to have teams competing as groups to utilize the team strategy initiatives.

Team Collage

Have everyone in the group send in a random snapshot of where they work, what they see at that moment, or of a critical moment from the week. Then use the gathered images to make a weekly collage. Each week your team will send in a different photo, and each week there will be another collage to discuss. 

Virtual / Hybrid 

If you are using a messaging system such as Slack, have a place dedicated to the collage and the discussion that comes from people chatting about each other’s photos (or post it to your water virtual water cooler channel if you have one).


Have each team member bring in 10 photos that feature their life (pets, flowers, paintings, hobbies, etc.). Gather similar images and make a team collage that tells a story. After the game, encourage teams to post their Team Collage Boards in the lunchroom or their department area.  

Virtual Company Call

Two Truths And A Lie

It is a classic party game and is perfect for virtual team building. Each team member can share two truths and one lie, whether using video or messaging apps. Then, of course, it is up to the rest of the team to figure out which is the lie.

Virtual / Hybrid 

This team-building idea is an excellent game for integrating new team members with your current team because it gives them a safe place to share something about who they are.


To add a twist to this team-building idea, have team members bring in 3 items (2 of their own and one from another person) and have team members guess which thing is not theirs. (eg. Red running shoes, fuzzy hat and plaid gloves). 

Team Novel

The idea is that each person takes a turn telling the story, building on what others have said before them. You may want to set ground rules if you are concerned that anyone could say something hurtful or at another’s expense.

Virtual / Hybrid 

This team-building idea could be a quick verbal exercise as everyone is on the video call, or they could do it through chat or in a shared online document.


Before starting this team-building activity, make it known that there are benefits to winning the game. The team with the best novel not only wins a prize, but their book will be published for the entire company to see. 


Team building activities are an integral part of building a successful team. Unfortunately, with a reduction of in-person meetings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have become reliant on virtual and hybrid platforms to gather with our teams. However, just because you are not gathering in person does not mean team building should suffer. The ideas above serve as a reminder that you can be flexible and maintain your focus on team building through the virtual setting and as people start to return to the office. 

During the pandemic, we at Bright Ideas have taken the time to determine what kind of team-building activities work virtually and what can transition into a hybrid event. If you are looking for more guidance on booking the perfect team-building activity for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, the Bright Ideas team will help you! Head on to our contact us page and fill out a quote request form to get started! We offer a 30 minute FREE consultation call to assess your event needs.

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