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Add a Theme for a Successful Conference

Multi-day events present many challenges. From multiple set-ups and short turnarounds, to keeping guests entertained throughout an entire weekend, delivering a consistently high-quality experience throughout is the topmost goal. For the 100th Anniversary of one of our major clients, Bright Ideas delivered on every aspect by integrating the Swinging Speakeasy theme.

Below are four of the top objectives for this event:

Objective #1: Celebrate the 100th Anniversary with a suitable theme that can also be carried across a weekend of events.

The Swinging Speakeasy theme was a good fit with the one hundred year history of our client. It allowed us to present a series of events within the theme and built up to the final Evening Gala.

Having actors appear as recurring characters also helped build anticipation for the Saturday Gala.


Objective#2: Create an opportunity for guests to mingle in a relaxed setting.

The Titanic themed lunch balanced time to network with opportunities to relax and be entertained.

The open seating plan gave guests freedom to choose their company. The 20s Fashion Show provided a focus for the event and offered inspiration for guests to utilize in creating their own costumes for the Speakeasy themed Gala.


Objective#3: Find a creative and unique alternative to the usual speeches and awards ceremonies.

This theme was an ideal way to get creative with Friday’s awards night. It livened up the awards portion, eliminating the long waits as people get on stage, and the VIP Roast was an entertaining variation on the usual speeches and thank you’s, highlighting their accomplishments and letting the crowd enjoy a the good-natured fun.


Objective#4: Mount multiple events in a single location.

Holding a number of events at a single location offered efficiencies, and made it easy for guests, who didn’t have to worry about knowing how to get to multiple venues. Behind the scenes however, clockwork timing and careful planning were necessary. We successfully turned around 4 events in three days, in a single location with very limited time for room flips.

Jazz and gin. Mobsters and molls. Icons of a time known as the Roaring Twenties. For this 100th Anniversary Conference, Bright Ideas Events created a weekend centered on a Swinging Speakeasy theme. The result captured the spirit of the age, delivered a unique twist to the festivities, and left our client and their guests raving about the experience.

It took plenty of planning and there was no room for error, but thanks to our skill and expertise, we were able to deliver 4 outstanding events in 3 days, in a single location.View this event photo gallery here.

Give us a call today, to add a theme to your next conference to make it super successful!


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