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Chosen as Canadian Representative for Renowned Carnival of Venice Event

A palace lit by the flames of a thousand candles. A visual feast of performers and décor. A stunning parade of culinary masterpieces, assembled with a historic palette. And amidst it all, masked guests adorned in sumptuous costumes, playing their own part in an extravagant illusion, conjuring history, and bringing magic to a modern age.

This is the unforgettable real-life experience of Il Ballo del Doge. And Bright Ideas Event Coordinators is proud to announce that we have been selected as the exclusive Canadian representative for Il Ballo del Doge!

“We’re so excited to be a part of the 2013 Il Ballo del Doge,” says Bright Ideas President Sharon Bonner. “I think that the twentieth edition of the event could be the best ever. What an opportunity to experience one of the most exclusive, yet celebrated events in the world!”
One of the most renowned events of the annual Carnival of Venice in Italy, Il Ballo del Doge is a masked ball without equal. The brainchild of Italian designer/producer Antonia Sautter, Il Ballo del Doge is held every year in the opulent Palazzo Pisani Moretta – a perfect setting for this amazing evening. Every guest is costumed in one of Sautter’s handmade creations, enjoying a spectacular evening featuring amazing entertainers, incredible cuisine, and a chance to experience a real-life fairy-tale fantasy.

This year’s main event is called It’s All About Amore – with Eros, Romance, and Passion each taking over a floor of the famed Venetian palace on February 9. For 2013, by popular demand, Sautter is also creating a second masquerade ball, to kick off the Carnival. Entitled Frames of a Dream, this event will be held on Saturday, February 2. Guests will enjoy highlights from 18 of the past Il Ballo del Doge events including The Wonders of Love (2004), The Garden of Delights (2005), 2009’s Golden Passion: The Golden Soul of the Serenissima, the 2011 Because Life is Magic edition, and many more.

Both events feature a number of options, including special VIP packages, welcome and farewell get-togethers, tours of the famous ‘glass’ island of Murano, exclusive discounts at Sautter’s boutique, and individualized costume photo sessions, for guests to commemorate this unique experience. To learn more about the events, including pricing, visit the Il Ballo del Doge section of the Bright Ideas website.

Ask an Event Planner

We’re considering a gala event for our company, but we are worried about the guests making the wrong choice or misjudging their blood alcohol level and driving home. What do you recommend?

Legal reasons are just one consideration with this important subject. The risks for individuals are obvious and it can reflect poorly on a company’s image as well. We’re glad that it’s on your event planning checklist. Here’s three solutions you can consider:

Shuttle Bus – Best for small events or when everyone lives in roughly the same geographic area, a shuttle bus is generally your most economical way to ensure a safe ride home. It can also add a fun, group dynamic to the evening.

Taxi Vouchers – You can arrange with your local cab company to accept vouchers to get guests back to their home. One down side… guests have to return later to pick up their car. Encourage them to choose transit, ride share, or take a taxi to the event.

Designated Driver Services – Combines the safety of a sober driver with the convenience of getting your vehicle home as well. In Canada, Operation Red Nose operates during the holiday season, donating proceeds to youth sports. There are also a number of commercial operators offering designated driver services.

Top Three Non-Traditional Holiday Party Themes

Many companies are moving away from the traditional Christmas party, recognizing that the old standbys of reindeers, elves, and Jolly St. Nick won’t always be the right choice in a multi-cultural workplace. Here’s three themes our clients are choosing:

Speakeasy – Flappers, gangsters, and the opulent Jazz Age… a great excuse to dress up and party like it’s 1929!

Casino – A sure-fire bet for fun. Guests can win prizes, or raise funds for the company’s chosen charitable organization.

Winter Wonderland – This elegant blue and white theme is a great alternative to a full-on Christmas theme.

Staff Pick of the Month – Mandy Miedema

Each month a member of the Bright Ideas team chooses their favourite event.

The event I cannot forget is the “Feeling Groovy” BBQ held at the Brock House in Vancouver. Every staff member was dressed up as a hippie and the different stations for the activities were decorated with groovy guitars, peace signs, flower power designs, etc. We created customized centerpieces with a Groovy Bus, Gerber Daisies and Fun Fur.

Since I am not from the 1960’s, it was so much fun to experience the theme. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great in July, but that didn’t hold the good experiences back as guests really got into the theme. There were lots of cool giveaways such as peace sunglasses, headbands, peace necklaces to compliment the tie dye t-shirts we offered each guest. It was far out and fun to be a hippie for a day!

Hippie cropped
3 guys cropped
glasses cropped

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