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There are lots of delicious holiday recipes making the rounds right now, but here’s one that won’t have you avoiding the bathroom scale in January – how to prepare a year’s supply of great events. And, if you find event coordination is more of a pressure cooker than a picnic, be sure to get in touch with us. Bright Ideas Event Coordinators can supply all the ingredients to whip up a winning event!

1st Quarter: January – March

  • January – Review your Holiday Party. What did people like? What got a lukewarm response? Importantly, decide if you want to rebook at the same venue. If so, put a deposit on it now!
  • February – Choose what kind of Summer Event you want (corporate picnic, golf tournament, car rally, etc). An office survey ensures staff get a say in your final choice.
  • March – Book the park/location for your Summer Event. Consider where the majority of your guests live, what activities you’re planning, and look for a suitable location close to home.

2nd Quarter: April – June

  • April – Research entertainment and activities for the Holiday Party. Will Santa make an appearance? Christmas Carolers? What about a cool jazz trio, or R & B singer?
  • May – Start planning the Summer Event. Consider a theme and finalize entertainment and food. Mexican Fiesta, Country Jamboree, or Tropical Luau are popular choices.
  • June – Start planning a Client Appreciation Event. Will there be gifts? How about a raffle to raise money for a charitable organization or other good cause?

3rd Quarter: July – September

  • July – Host the Summer Event. Remember there are alcohol and smoking restrictions at local parks, even for private events. Make sure guests know about the rules.
  • August – Finalize entertainment and activities for the Holiday Party. If there will be kids attending, ensure they have lots to do, so the adults can relax and enjoy themselves.
  • September – Host your Client Appreciation event. This is also a great opportunity to invite key prospects for future business, so your current customers can sing your praises!

4th Quarter – October – December

  • October – Order your personalized corporate gifts for the Holiday Season. Consider eco-friendly gifts. Stainless steel water bottles or coffee mugs cut down on plastic and paper garbage.
  • November – Finalize plans for the Holiday Party. Send out invites to everyone on your guest list, order gifts, ensure the décor is arranged, and caterers know what you want on the menu.
  • December – Host your Holiday Party. Make sure guests have taxi vouchers or other arrangements for a safe ride home. Or, arrange with a hotel for group rates on overnight stays. Many guests will enjoy a chance to pamper themselves before or after the party!

Keep this checklist handy to make sure you’re on track with your planning throughout the year. Looks like too much work? Don’t despair. Call (604.303.7707) or email Bright Ideas Event Coordinators and leave it to the professionals.

In the meantime, enjoy this special time with friends and family. From all of us at Bright Ideas Event Coordinators, we wish you a joyous holiday season and prosperous New Year!

Ask An Event Planner

What were your most memorable events in 2010?

Olympic Events

Like a lot of local companies, the Olympics kept us pretty busy. Over the course of the Games, we planned 14 events as part of the CODE (Cultural Olympiad Digital Exhibition) Live 1 site including a variety of cutting edge art exhibits exploring themes of technology, travel, and natural resources. Many of the works incorporated participation by viewers, blurring the lines between art, performance, and audience.

Rock N Roll BBQ on the Beach

This summer party was a hit with guests and the BC event industry, winning top honours in the Best Event for a Corporation category at the 2010 CSEME awards. Guests were treated to a complete 1950s experience with antique cars, live rock n’ roll, and appearances by Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Rock n’ Roll themed crafts and activities, as well as a wide range of picnic and drive-in classic dishes to enjoy, rounded out the retro-style fun.

Robert Bateman Event

In just a week, Bright Ideas arranged a gala opening for the Westside Gallery, featuring internationally-renowned naturalist and artist Robert Bateman. Guests were delighted by the great food, beautiful paintings, and an opportunity to hear the artist talk about his work. Looking for an upscale venue for an intimate gathering? Ask us about booking the Gallery.

Three Top ‘Must-Have’ Annual Events for 2011

Summer Barbecue

Great weather and an outdoor location make for the perfect family-friendly company event. Food options can range from simple to spectacular, but remember, the best locations are reserved long before the summer starts. Begin planning early for the best choices. Don’t forget to include a theme to tie together all of the event components. Here’s our checklist for a perfect picnic.

Client Appreciation

A cost-effective way to say thanks to your best clients. You can host it at your office, but an off-site event may be easier to cater and decorate. Depending on your location, a downtown venue may be more accessible for your guests. Remember to keep it short. Your clients are busy people! Plus, a full house for a couple of hours will be more fun than a long party with guests drifting in and out. Here’s how to find the right venue.

Holiday Party

You don’t have to call it a Christmas party if you want to be politically correct, but either way, a great year-end event will have your employees entering the New Year feeling a sense of being appreciated for their work. Door prizes (good ones) are always a hit! Plan the perfect holiday event with this guide.

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