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If you’re hosting a corporate event in the next couple of weeks, the theme is obvious: Halloween!  Whether large or small, there are countless ways your business event can be inspired by Halloween.  This article will get you excited about three, and likely have you calling Bright Ideas for more!

But first, we want to touch on a few reasons why Halloween is such a great theme idea for any company event.

First of all, a Halloween theme is really easy on your budget.  Inexpensive materials are easily used to hand-make many décor items, from papier-maché masks and skeletons to candles and lanterns to your entire costume!  Secondly, a Halloween theme is a super way to get your colleagues invested in the success of your event.  By creating a costume from scratch, guests feel like they are literally part of theme and décor!  Thirdly, it’s an understood theme, which may well drive up your attendance rate.  And finally, North America’s interpretation of Halloween is non-religious.  This makes it more inviting to an increasingly diverse workforce.

Now that we’ve convinced you that a Halloween theme is an amazing idea, Bright Ideas Events is going to share with you three ways your company events can be inspired by it!


Bright Idea #1: Casual Costume Friday

It only happens once a year that it’s socially acceptable to dress up in outrageous costumes in public.  Why not incorporate that on the Friday before Halloween?  Encourage camaraderie among your staff by inviting everyone to wear a costume to work.

Amp up the fun by asking your Upper Management or VPs to have candy bowls on their desks so everyone can go Trick-for-Treating around the workplace.

A large cash prize for the best costume will guarantee participation for sure!


Bright Idea #2: Company Kids’ Christmas Party

Why not consider moving your company’s Annual Kids’ Party to October and hosting a Halloween event?  There are so many benefits to involving families.

  • Event components in October are general cheaper
  • Every kid loves costumes as much as they love Santa!
  • And, as mentioned, Halloween in North America is non-religious

And it will be so much fun!  Cruella the Wort-Faced Witch will give out wrapped gifts to children who perform a Trick for their Treat.  Each child will paint scary scenes onto their own mini-pumpkin.  And Frankenstein will tell the story of how he was put together by passing around paper bags containing his body parts that kids stick their fingers into: peeled grapes for eyes; boiled spaghetti for brains; skinned sausage for intestines; and bent carrots for fingers.  It’s so creepy; just watch the children shriek in fun!



Bright Idea #3: Halloween Company Party

And, heck, why not?  There are too many days between the Summer BBQ in July and the Holiday Party in December.

So for the same amazing reasons as hosting the Kids’ Party in October, you should consider hosting a highly customized adult Halloween themed event for your staff.

Guests will be treated to a Specialty Cocktail at the door, a black vodka martini with an orange garnish, called “Ghoul-Aid.”  The menu will feature such horrors as Vampire Slaying Garlic Mashed Yams.  Cemetery Greens Salad with cubed Red Beats served in a mini pumpkin bowl.  And Prosciutto Fingers: mini bread sticks rolled in a Prosciutto slice, served with mint aioli.

How about a Photo Booth with Halloween props to enhance their costume for a take-home picture keep-sake?  Prizes can be awarded for winners of Pin the Tail on the Black Cat.  A Haunted House is a Halloween classic and a ‘Must Have’ at any Halloween themed event.  And of course, guests can enter into the Freaky Fashion Show Costume Pageant!

Birch trees will be strung with lanterns and stretched wool cob webs.  The lighting will be eerie splashes of green and orange, with frequent lightening flashes.  A bright white spotlight high on the wall will look like the Full Moon, and a fog machine puffing away across the light will not only fill the room with creepy smoke but also create a cloud-like effect rolling across the Full Moon.  Tombstones placed around the venue will feature the names of Upper Management.  And finish off the ambiance by projecting a classic silent horror film like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or Dracula, and broadcast the accompanying soundtrack throughout the venue so it will double as the evening’s soundtrack, filled as it is with ominous music, clashes, bangs, and shrieks!


As you can tell, Bright Ideas Events is inspired by Halloween, and if these Three Ways to be Inspired by Halloween has made you excited about your October company event, then we’re just waiting for you to call at 604.303.7707.


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