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Say “Cheese!”  When I started my event planning business in 1989, Photo Booths were just that; a booth with a black curtain where you went inside to take photos.  The booth would print out a single strip of black and white pictures that took forever to print! But it was worth it.  We thought it was such a “Bright Idea”! I still have a photo strip sitting on my desk taken when I was 9 years old, when my sister and I went inside to take four wacky pictures. Wow, time warp that’s for sure! See for yourself. Aren’t we cute?

Nowadays, photo booths have become social media vehicles at our corporate events. You can create a video and/or photo and upload it to Twitter or Facebook right there at the event. Just imagine yourself wearing a bunch of crazy accessories at the event and then immediately sending it to all of your friends at the push of a single button. Now that’s cool!

I have also seen a tremendous shift in the actual purpose of the Photo Booth at events. In the past, the Photo Booth acted as more of portrait opportunities for guests so they could take home a printed souvenir of the event.  This was and still is one of the most important aspects of photo booths today. About 7 or 8 years ago, the digital photo booth was all the rage.  “Saving the environment” was a hook the photo booth rental companies were marketing to event producers.  And for a while it worked.  But soon I saw my guests ask for a photo booth that was digital, so they could post the pictures to Twitter and Facebook. BUT they also wanted a function to print event photos.  Let’s face it – everyone wants an event souvenir – and a photo of you wearing a neon pink wig with giant glasses couldn’t be more perfect!

Photo booth Fun

Something that we do with all of our events at Bright Ideas is to brand our photo templates with our client’s logo and the event brand/theme.  This event below was created for an event we produced this August at the Brockhouse Restaurant. The event was called “High Tea at Ascot”!

We wanted to incorporate the theme so that when the clients go home with the photos, they can remember the day and the magic recreated for them. Again, Bright Ideas DOES make your dreams come true!


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