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When working as a corporate event planner, during your planning process you will get to a point where you have to ask yourself how you are going to incorporate your client’s corporate brand into your event theme and design. Of course you could just cover your invitation and venue with the company’s logo, but to be honest, that is not really creative. So what we at Bright Ideas do is create a unique event brand for each event we plan.


Why do you need an event brand?

When you are planning an event, you should always ask yourself the same questions you would ask when developing a company’s brand or logo. What the goals are you want to achieve with this event? Take some time to think about the message you would like to send out regarding your event. Developing a brand for your event helps to create a unique message, not only during the actual event, but also before and after the event. Using a consistent event brand for all communication prior to the event makes your guests aware of the event theme so they can plan accordingly. During the event, the event brand personalizes the experience your guests will have and – when done well – creates a positive mental image for your guests in relation to the client company’s identity. Reinforce this effect by using the logo again for post-event surveys or follow-ups.

To get started on designing your event brand, first you need to be very clear about your event theme. Do some brainstorming to determine the main elements of the event theme you have selected. Then find out what is the main message your client wants to convey during the event.

At Bright Ideas we are currently working on a “James Bond – Diamonds Are Forever” themed event with the purpose of celebrating the 60th anniversary of our client’s company.

So for our event brand we wanted to include the diamond aspect, give a cool James Bond feeling, and also incorporate the 60th anniversary. The picture does not show the actual event brand we designed, but it gives you a pretty good idea of how the brand could be developed.

Simple, artistic, elegant, or corporate? To decide on the look of your brand you have to be aware of who your guests are and of course the company’s image and environment. In our case the employee base is mainly men, so our brand is supposed to have a masculine, but elegant look. And creating a brand with a very simple and sassy logo would not work for a high-end company.

What to do with the brand?

Once you made decisions on all of these aspects and completed the design work on the brand, you can start to think about possibilities to bring your brand to life. And there are lots of ways to incorporate your brand into your event design. Prior to the event, put the logo not only on Save-The-Dates and Invitations sent to guests, but also on Email Reminders, Presentations, and Paperwork for your client. During the event, use the logo on Menus, Programs, Signage, Gifts and Centerpieces. You can also use it for Follow-Up Emails, Thank-You Cards and Event Surveys once the event is over to make sure your guests really stay connected to your brand.


For our globally recognized “Christmas Around The World” event the client and Bright Ideas chose to highlight four countries and designed our international brand on Signs, the Evening Agenda, Floor Plans, Menus, etc. It worked really well!

Building a unique brand for your event will help to make your event outstanding and a special event your guests will remember for weeks to come. Request a quote today and we will assist you in creating the perfect brand for your next corporate event!


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