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British Columbia’s rich Native cultural heritage is a point of pride in our province, and it deserves to be celebrated for its unique beauty. When throwing an outdoor party, an increasing number of our clients are opting for a West Coast Theme.

Achieving a cohesive look and feel when planning events isn’t always easy. This is even truer when entertaining guests who may not be familiar with British Columbia’s native cultures. With the right styling choices, it is possible to both teach and entertain. Let’s have a closer look at some of the elements that help bring a West Coast feel to an outdoor event:

Make the Setting Shine

Setting the mood with totem poles and traditional wooden masks and ornamenting is a must for any event with a West Coast theme, given their cultural significance for the area. They will provide visual interest to an outdoor setting with their compelling shapes and bright colors.

Artfully set them all around the area for your guests to discover and admire. To achieve this, you can have them partially obscured behind plants or foliage on food stations and stages.

Have Great Food & Beverages

Catering is an integral part of any event, and it’s an element that can really make this theme shine.

There is no better way to show pride in your province than to serve meals made out of entirely locally grown produce.

Allow your guests to build their own salads with fresh and colorful local vegetables cut into appealing shapes, but provide a few pre-made options as well.

No West Coast meal is complete without locally-caught fresh seafood, which is not only theme-appropriate but entirely sustainable and ecologically sound as well.

Have Cohesive Decoration

Red is an important color for the First Nations cultures of British Columbia, and it should be echoed in the decoration, from the tablecloth to the floral arrangements to the food if possible.

Elements of traditional West Coast art, such as traditional wooden masks, should also be present around the seating area and on the tables themselves.

Choose the Right Activities

Depending on the event, you might choose different activities that evoke the heritage of First Nations.

The outdoor space should provide you with plenty of options for performances.

For example, having your guests partake in traditional crafting skills is a great way to engage and entertain, and it’s certainly an activity suitable for all generations.

Provide Appropriate Entertainment

Having traditional drummers and dancers at your West Coast themed event is an entirely authentic way to pay respect to the artistry and tradition of the province.

Every contribution to the unique culture and history of British Columbia is welcome, and it’s important to keep these traditions alive.

Put Thought into Giveaways

All good party favors are unique items, and for a West Coast theme, you would want them to be authentic to the area. For our event, customized First Nations letter openers fit the bill beautifully. A similar party favor ensures that your guests feel as if they are taking a piece of the event decor home with them.

Organizing an unforgettable event with a unique theme and many moving parts requires attention to detail and professional vision. If you need additional inspiration and help, contact us any time at Bright Ideas Events.


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