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Theme events are a mainstay of Bright Ideas’ business. We do more themed events than any other kind of corporate event. The biggest reason? They work. A fun theme, properly marketed to the invited guests, invariably draws a bigger response and delivers a positive, fun experience. From the first ‘save-the-date’ email, a theme party creates buzz and excitement around the event. It’s a chance to dig into your Tickle Trunk if you like to dress up (although a costume is never mandatory) plus, a theme provides the ‘hook’ for décor, invitations, menu, and entertainment.

One of the biggest misconceptions about theme parties is that they are expensive. At Bright Ideas, we work within our clients’ budgets, using our experience and creativity to design and create themes that delight guests, without relying on expensive solutions. Most of our décor elements are designed and built in-house and little touches such as putting event staff in costume enhance the theme affordably.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to a theme party is the fact that they are instantly memorable. Well-produced theme events have the advantage of a strong branding element built-in. When you are trying to create a long-term impression with your corporate event, it makes sense to leverage this benefit, so that your guests go home with great, lasting memory to associate with your company or organization. So, the next time you want to host a corporate event, consider a theme. From a trip back in time to the Wild, Wild West, or a cruise to tropical ports of call on a High Seas Celebration, theme parties are a great way to entertain!

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Staff Event Pick of the Month: Olga

My most favorite event with Bright Ideas happened to be my first one – and it’s no surprise!

I was lucky to meet Sharon at the Viva Las Vegas Event in December 2010 at the Four Season Hotel in Vancouver.

This event later turned out to be an award-winning event for Bright Ideas in 2010 – and it fully deserved this title.

Right away I was immersed in a bright, hectic yet organized, fun and extremely positive environment of an event set up. We set up the furniture, built centerpieces, created fascinating decor. But what was even more special is seeing the result of your work, the result of a joint effort, careful planning and attention to ever little detail. Then, seeing dozens of people gasping as they enter a luminous venue (which was transformed dramatically ) – this is where the real magic started for me. Whenever I think back to that very first time of meeting Sharon and experiencing Bright Ideas electric energy – I am grateful and happy that this opportunity came along in what seemed to be the perfect place and time.

Viva Las Vegas photo gallery.

Ask An Event Planner

Do I have to dress up for a Theme Party?
Absolutely… not. While some guests love to dive into a theme head-first, it’s not necessary for everyone to be in costume for a theme to work. Often theme events are held when people are coming from the office, so dressing up isn’t possible. We usually offer a way for people to accessorize upon arrival. With our Speakeasy theme, we offer gentlemen the option of donning a gangster-style fedora, while the ladies can get into the ‘Swing’ of things with a Flapper-style headband and beads.

Which Theme is best?
Venue, audience, and budget are the three key factors in choosing a theme. Make sure you have a good understanding of your audience, ensure your theme will work within your venue (size of venue is crucial), and choose a theme that can be supported effectively within your price range. At Bright Ideas, we have loads of theme party experience. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see what we can do within your budget.

Why include a Theme?
In our experience, a theme party builds excitement and anticipation more effectively than any other type of corporate event. A theme is an opportunity to create a unified look and feel for your event, from the style of the invitation, to the event décor, entertainment and menu, right through to the gift bags guests take home.

Top Three Themes

Flappers and Fedoras give this theme a fun, yet elegant atmosphere that would make the Great Gatsby feel right at home.

Swinging 60s

They say if you remember the Sixties, you weren’t really there, but this groovy event guarantees some memorable fun.

Wild, Wild West
There’s a little cowboy (or girl) in all of us, so round-up your guests for an old-fashioned hoe-down.

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