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Contrary to what many people believe, ‘sustainable’ doesn’t automatically mean more expensive. Especially with special events. Less waste can also mean more savings. Bright Ideas’ approach to eco-conscious events offers our clients a wide variety of options to make their event as earth-friendly as possible. We usually start by ensuring we divert as much waste as possible from landfills – recycling, composting, and finding alternatives to disposable items. Working with our vendors, we source eco-friendly food service ware, packaging and flatware. Through the use of electronic communications such as an event website, online promotion, invitations and registration we are able to reduce paper use. Bright Ideas can also assist with the purchase of carbon offsets if desired and can prepare cost-savings and environmental footprint reports, so that the benefits of going green can be measured.

Above all, we believe that sustainable options should be a choice… and a smart one at that. That’s why we try to focus on those environmental initiatives that deliver real world benefits rather than just green-tinted window dressing. For an excellent overview of the various ways you can minimize the environmental impacts of your next special event, this guide prepared by the non-profit organization Bridging The Gap has a wealth of information and suggestions for events both large and small. You can also access Metro Vancouver’s library of images and education materials, for signage and artwork you can use at your next eco-friendly event.

If you want assistance with an eco-responsible event, or need more information before choosing a sustainable special event, please contact us or take advantage of our easy-to-use quote request form. We’d love to help you find the best ways to incorporate sustainability into your next special event!

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Staff Pick of the Month – Svenja Carow

My favorite event has to be the ISES Buffet Blowout in 2009! I remember how we received the theme and just wanted to create something no one would ever expect. Having the middle booth in this competition made us think about ways to make people stay in our section. We had so much fun creating interactive ideas and surprises. Every corner was different, which encouraged people to explore and spend time at our booth. I was an interactive element myself – the leopard in the cage right in the middle. The trouble finding a perfect cage and all the challenges with installing it, finding a solution for the curtains and developing the ideas into something big, made it so rewarding to produce.

But definitely my highlight was to be totally body painted and be surrounded by so many friendly and nice people on this event. And of course winning the trophy for the BEST EVENT DESIGN was the icing on the cake. Definitely a moment in my life I will always remember!

Ask An Event Planner

Think Green. Be Green.

Will a ‘green’ event cost me more?

No it won’t. Actually, our clients are often surprised (and pleased!) to find out green events cost the same (or less) than events that don’t focus on green initiatives.

Where do I start when planning my green event?

Contact an event specialist and tell them that you want your event to be green. They will analyze the event components and offer green tips and ideas to incorporate into your event. This can usually be done on a consultation basis. Bright Ideas Events offers this service and we’re hearing great feedback from our clients.

What is the biggest mistake that clients make when trying to produce a green event?

They think that recycling bins are the only way to make the event green. There are a myriad of green options available. Two easy ways to go green:

  • Transportation – is your venue close to transit?
  • Food – is the caterer using organic, fair-trade, and locally produced food?

Top Three Ways to Build Sustainability at Your Organization

Environmental Fair

Once a year, have your company host an internal environmental fair. Internal meeting rooms can act as trade show booths. External vendors bring in their catalogues and showcase their green products to staff. Let Bright Ideas handle all the details for a great event!

Gardening Green Picnic

Guests had a chance to show off their green thumbs at the 16th Annual Client Appreciation Picnic held at Brock House in Vancouver and coordinated by Bright Ideas. After selecting their own personal basket and decorating it with their creative flair, guests “shopped” for plants to add to their basket. Adorable gardening sets were awarded to the top 3 baskets. What a great way to celebrate being Green!

Bike To Work Week

There’s fall and spring events in Metro Vancouver. It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of free or discounted safe cycling training for employees and the competitions with other organizations can be a great way to promote team spirit. The next Bike To Work Week in Metro Vancouver is Oct. 31 – Nov. 6.

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