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If you are not yet concerned about being green, this is a wake-up call to take action and start planning your sustainable event. We often forget that we have only one planet, and we must preserve it as much as possible.

Every day, tons of plastic and other pollutants challenge Earth’s health, but this is where we come into the picture. Small changes do make a difference. You might think, ‘Why should I be concerned? There are so many people; how can my efforts towards sustainability make a difference?’ The answer is it will!

Particularly in events and parties, which are known to be quite wasteful. So, how can we minimize this waste without compromising the fun of the event? That’s why we have compiled eight suggestions to make your next event green, eco-friendly and fun!

#1. Zero-Waste Challenge Events

Here are 3 ways you can challenge your event guests to be less wasteful:

Encourage your guests to bring reusable water bottles and other items that can be recycled on site. Set up composting and recycling stations to educate guests and remember to avoid creating a situation where there is a ton of garbage from the event. Be mindful in your planning.

Reduce food waste by controlling portions for guests by having a catering attendant serve the portions at the food stations. Additionally, choose a catering company that uses local resources and sustainable practices to minimize food waste.

Conduct competitions over a month or two between departments focusing on recycling by using an app to track progress, and at the event, announce the winners and reward those who showcased significant waste reduction in real-time.

#2. Sustainability-Themed Escape Rooms 

Escape rooms with games and puzzles focused on sustainable living offer a fun opportunity to learn about eco-consciousness. And offer a sustainable prize for the winning person/team.

#3. Eco-Friendly Tech Showcases

Feature sponsorships and shoutouts to companies or startups that make a change in terms of being eco-conscious, such as biodegradable electronics, solar-powered gadgets, or innovations in sustainable agriculture.

#4. Green Transportation

Leave the car at home. Have your guests arrive at your sustainable event by partnering with local transportation companies, or promote arriving on public transportation such as buses, trains or bicycles if the weather permits. Give extra points for guests who walk.

Bonus tip: You can also have bike stations at the event to power up a light show or a fun attraction by using human energy!  

#5. Sustainable Art Installations and Competitions

Art is always a hit at events, so why not make it sustainable? Have artists showcase their art made of recycled materials.

Or hold a competition amongst guests to create a decorated flower basket to take home out of recycled goods.  

#6. Virtual Reality (VR) Nature Experiences

Use VR technology to bring nature’s beauty to your event. By doing so, you not only bring awareness and reduce the carbon footprint, as your attendees can see the world without traveling, but also ensure a great attraction at the event.  

#7. Eco-Accessories

Did someone say photo booths? Incorporate a green screen featuring a living wall of plants or a live tropical garden, and use upcycled accessories to capture lasting memories. Digital images are the ultimate in waste reduction, maybe… not when it comes to our phone storage, but that is a different fight for a different day.

#8. Eco-Friendly Prizes  

Lastly, everyone loves a souvenir or a prize from an event, so why not make it a green one! Give out live sapling trees to plant, seeds to plant in the garden (both food and flowers), houseplant trees like a Bamboo tree or a Bonsai Tree. Another neat idea is to offer nuts or single-piece fruits which are delicious and would not leave a wasteful trace, but instead will contribute to helping the earth!

Biodegradable bags are a must if you have guests gathering up items at your event. Nothing worse than seeing plastic bags full of literature at a symposium or trades show on sustainability. Walk the talk. It will show.

Ready to make a difference? Start planning your next event with these sustainable ideas in mind. If you are looking for help from an award-winning corporate event, Bright Ideas Event Agency is there for you!

We want to make your event as eco-friendly as possible, so do not wait and collaborate!

Be the change – that will make a difference!


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